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Ryder Evan Russaw Biography, Parents, Net Worth, Disability, Faith Evans Son

Image of Ryder Evan Russaw Biography, Parents, Net worth, Disability, Faith Evans

Ryder Evan Russaw is the son to famous US-based songwriter Faith Evans. He is quite young; hence, his details are very limited, especially his personal life, education background, net worth, salary, among other factors. This article will brief you about his life and also his parents and siblings.

Who is Ryder Evan Russaw?

Ryder Evan was born on March 22, 2007, in the United States of America to parents Todd Evans and Faith Evans. Details of the exact place of birth are unknown to the public. Ryder has three siblings who are Christopher Jordan Wallace who is the firstborn, Chyna Tahreje Griffin and lastly Joshua. Ryder’s academic background is still under review since the parents love to keep his life very private.

What is Ryder Evan Russaw Net Worth?

Ryder Evans Russaw net worth is not known since he is still a minor. However, he gains most of his fame and money from his rich parents and also his rich brother Christopher Evans.  Christopher is an American entrepreneur, musician, and actor. Ryder is still in school, and details about his career are not available.

However, having been born with a silver spoon, Ryder lives a very lavish life judging from his pictures on Instagram and other social media platforms. By the time he ma gets to mature in age, Ryder may join his parents and brother in the music and acting world. He has produced several videos on his Instagram page which have gained him a mass of followers.

Image of Ryder Evan Russaw net worth is currently not available

Ryder Evan Russaw net worth is currently not available

Ryder Evan is very young to own a car and a house. However, all his expenses are catered for fully by his parents. The family resides in the United States, but the exact place is not known.

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Parents and Siblings

Ryder Evan Russaw is the son of Faith Renee Jordan Evans who is a record producer, actress, and songwriter. Evans is known for receiving several awards due to her career breakthrough, and some of them include the famous Grammy award where she received multiple awards.

Faith Evans, Ryder mother, was born on 10 June 1973 in Lakeland, Florida to parents Helene Evans and Richard Swain. He mother is of African American nationality, and she was also a prominent singer back in the ’90s. Faith began her career at the age of 2 by singing in the church since she was raised in a Christian home.

At her teenage years, she started making performances at Jazz bands and also some contests and festivals. Since then her career seems to be very rewarding due to world tours. Also, the record labels that she has signed in to have brought her a significant net worth.

Image of Ryder Evan Russaw with his father Todd, mother Faith Evan and with their siblings

Ryder Evan Russaw with his father Todd, mother Faith Evan and with their siblings

Her fame rose when Diddy signed her into his record label back in 1993 due to her admirable talent. In the year 2005, Faith went on a five-year break from the music industry after which she came back with a bang. She created her own record label named the prolific Music group with the help of various artists like Redman, Snoop dog, and Keyshia Cole. As of 2019, her record label is still at the high ranks.

Faith has made a fortune from her works with regards to her music works. Her net worth is $3 million in 2019.

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Ryder’s father is Todd Russaw, and he is known to be a record company executive. Faith Evans got married to him slightly after the death of her first husband, Christopher Wallace due to a Hip-hop gang rivalry. There is no info about Todd with regards to his personal life and net worth.


Ryder is the grandchild to Helen Evans and Richard Swain. Helen was a famous musician back in the ninety’s, and his grandfather Richard Swain was also a renowned musician. His ancestry can be traced to the Caucasus mountain. There is minimal information about Ryder Evans grandparents in 2019.

Ryder Evan Russaw Disability; How is he doing now?

As of 2019, Ryder Evan seems to be in perfect health. However, we do not know about his past disability since his family keeps things very private.

Personal life

Being very young, there is minimal information with regards to his life. Only a few pictures have been posted in his brothers’ social media pages. As he grows up, he may disclose more information about himself.

Quick Facts about Ryder Evans Birth

Birth name Ryder Evan Russaw
Place of Birth United States of America
Age 12 years
Net worth Under review
Horoscope sign Aries
Nationality American
Sexual orientation Straight
Weight Under review
Siblings 3
Ethnicity African-American
Alma mater Unknown
Death-O-meter Alive

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