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Wayne Newton Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Married, Wiki

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  • November 28, 2022November 28, 2022

A veteran in the singing and entertainment industry Wayne Newton has earned his fame working hard for decades in the field. Notable icons like Danny Thomas, Jack Benny, Lucille Ball and many other celebrities have loved  Newton and shown all their support.

From his mind-blowing music to his acting, net worth to lifestyle everything about Wayne is top-notch. Let me even mention that he has not just been married once but twice. Let’s get to know the details later. 

Enough with beating the bush around. Let’s start with the article and look at his bio. So, follow for other things on Wayne Newton. 

Who is Wayne Newton? Wiki-Bio

Las Vegas is indeed the city of holidays and celebration. A veteran like Carson Wayne Newton is Vegas’ superstar. Born in April 3rd, 1942 to an auto mechanic and his wife, Wayne grew up in a modest family.

Just a six-year-old boy, but had a great interest in music and so he did start gathering knowledge on music as much as he could since such a young age.  

Image of American singer, Wayne Newton

American singer, Wayne Newton

He was still a child when Wayne’s family decided to move to Ohio, Newark. The move became a push from behind for his career ahead. We cannot say that he already had decided what he wanted to do at such a young age but he did love music a lot back then. 

Wayne’s brother Jerry and Carson started singing in the local theatre pubs and clubs. The beginning was a little harsh on Wayne as he had to fight asthma but look at him now, he can sing like he has an extra pair of lungs.

Wayne Newton Work Highlight

Carson Wayne Newton’s music wasn’t going to go unnoticed thanks to musicians like Danny Thomas, Lucille Ball, and Bobby Darin, who showed their support to Wayne’s music without a single doubt in his abilities. 

Similarly, his album Daddy Don’t Walk So Fast released on April 8, 1972, was marked as number one in Canada.

Let us take a quick look at some of the Wayne’s best songs

  1. Danke Schoen
  2. The Little White Cloud That Cried
  3. Remember When
  4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  5. Vegas Vacation
  6. Ocean’s Eleven

Carson Wayne Newton Net Worth

Over 6 decades Newton has earned a good amount of fortune. As a successful musician and a touring artist, Wayne reportedly earns around $25 million a year. Similarly, many tabloids claim that Wayne’s current net worth is at $120 million. 

Image of American singer, Wayne Newton net worth is $120 million

American singer, Wayne Newton net worth is $120 million

Over the decades Newton has contributed a lot to the entertainment and music industry. So, he will be remembered as one of the greatest musicians and we believe his music is going to live for ages.

Wayne Newton Married Life: Wife & Children

Wayne married his first wife Elaine Okamura in 1968. But their happily wedded life ended with a divorce in 1985. People did agree that the two made a really beautiful couple; the former pair also share a child named Erin Newton together. 

Image of Wayner Newton with his daughter Erin Newton

Wayner Newton with his daughter Erin Newton

After his first divorce, Wayne took a very long break from the relationship but love found his address again and forced him to get married to Kathleen McCrone. Still today, the couple is married happily together with a beautiful daughter Lauren Ashley Newton.

Image of Wayne Newton with his wife Kathleen McCrone

Wayne Newton with his wife Kathleen McCrone

Kathleen is an Attorney based in Ohio, born in1964. A 54-year-old gorgeous beauty who caught Wayne Newton’s attention. Wayne agrees that he is one of the happiest man alive being with his wife. 

Did You Know?

  1. Wayne was sued by a lady who claimed his pet monkey bit her daughter.
  2. Carson Wayne Newton owns a casino named Aladdin Hotel-Casino.
  3. Besides music, he is in love with Horses too. 
  4. At a young age, Wayne sold his bicycle and his parents’ video cam to buy a horse.
  5. Newton sued NBC in 1980.

Wayne Newton Age, Bio, Wiki, Spouse

Name  Carson Wayne Newton
Age 76 years old
Birthplace Virginia 
Birthdate 1942, April 23rd.
Nationality American
Ethnicity English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German
Profession Singer, Actor
Spouse Kathleen  McCrone 
Net Worth $120 million
Height 1.87 M
WeightMarital Status 95 kilo
Children 2
Zodiac Taurus
Social Media Twitter

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