Who is Walter Mercado Wife-To-Be Mariette Detotto? Meet His Brazilian Girlfriend

Walter Mercado is a versatile artist. Many people grew up watching his program daily horoscope on television in Puerto Rico, Latin America, and the United States.

He was born to parents José María Mercado and Aída Salinas. Walter believed he had spiritual abilities. Mercado passed away on November 2nd, 2019, on Saturday night at the age of 87. His last message to the world before he passed away was “lots and lots of love.”

Mercado wasn’t married in his life but was romantically linked with a Brazilian woman over the years. However, he later denied all such attachments. Here’s all that we were able to find on Walter Mercado’s Brazilian girlfriend, Marietta Detotto. So, let’s dig in!

Who is Mariette Detotto?

Reportedly, the later astrologer was once in love with Brazilian actress and dancer, Marietta Detotta. Nothing significant about the Brazilian actress’s birth details, place, and parents are revealed yet.

Image of The Late Spanish Astrologer, Walter Mercado Died At Age 87

The Late Spanish Astrologer, Walter Mercado Died At Age 87

Similarly, no detail of her educational achievements is available either. As per her bio, she was born and raised in Brazil and completed her schooling from there.

Marietta Detotto Relationship With The Late Actor & Astrologer, Walter Mercado

Many of you might be thinking that Walter was a married man, but in fact, he never got married in his life. Later the actor proclaimed that he found pure love, but they never got married.

Mamas Latinas reported that Walter was in a relationship with Brazilian actress Mariette since 2003. Moreover, Mercado also ran a dating site, but when asked if someone was his life, he denied and said Marietta is in his past.

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As per reports, Mercado had another girlfriend who died tragically before Mariette. The death of his late girlfriend in 1968 plunged him into depression. This incident took him to India in search of a new spirituality that allowed him to understand the reason for death.

Walter Mercado Died at Age 87

The well-known Puerto Rico astrologer, Walter Mercado, died on November 2, 2019, at the San Juan based Auxilio Mutuo Hospital. His niece, Dannette Benet Mercado, confirmed his death.  Reportedly, his death was caused due to apparent renal failure. He was hospitalized for several weeks before his demise.

Further, Mercado was suffering from various health problems for years. Back in 2012, he had a heart attack and received medical intervention in Cleveland, Ohio.

According to sources, Walter’s back was fractured after falling in a bathroom last September. After the news of his death came out, his fans filled his social media with tributes and expressed how much he meant for them.

One of the Twitter users wrote, “RIP to Walter Mercado, the man who told us every day to look to the stars and to live, Sobre todo, with mucho, mucho amor. Truly an icon who will be missed.”

He is no more with us, but his influences sure are alive. Hopefully, he rests peacefully, and perhaps his quest to spirituality brought him a peaceful final moment.

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