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Abigail Hawk is married to her husband Bryan. Know her children and net worth

Abigail Hawk leaving Blue Bloods her husband net worth

Abigail Hawk of the Blue Bloods has been quite a fan favorite of the show despite not having a recurring role in the series. So it is a real shame to be hearing about talks of the beloved character that she share the same name with. Is Abigail Hawk Leaving the show or is it just a false rumor? Also, you already know most about her TV character Abigail Baker but what about her real-life role as Abigail Hawk. Does she have a boyfriend or husband; learn about her marriage and dating life below here

Is Abigail Hawk leaving ‘Blue Bloods’?

There were reports of Abigail going to the show, and she had also commented on the matter. She had spoken about possibly leaving the show for a new acting opportunity elsewhere. She gave us the impression that she might have a lining of jobs at her stead, but as we continue to see her progress in the show, it might be Abigail who was looking for a new position according to her storyline.

Abigail Hawk leaving Blue Bloods wiki bio


While the star leaving the show is not a very wanted sight for the viewers, it might not even come to be. Yes, ‘Cartermatt’ reports that Abigail will probably continue on the show as her character, Abigail Baker’s possible exit from the show has still not occurred.

Abigail Hawk married to Husband or dating a boyfriend

Abigail Hawk is a really fantastic actress and despite her permanent role earning her a lot of fame but still, she has little influence on media when it comes to her dating and married life. She rarely likes to drag out that part of her life so we will not be surprised if you don’t have any ideas about her dating and married life. For starters, the ‘Blue Bloods’ star does not have a boyfriend or dating life because she is a married woman. She is married to husband, Bryan Spies for nine years. The couple though not public about their married life has given out the details of their married life that they had gotten engaged in March 2009 and married a month later.

Abigail Hawk with husband Bryan Spies
Caption:- Picture of Abigail Hawk and her husband Bryan Spies

Abigail has also tried to keep her husband a secret, but she seems to can’t help herself from mentioning him now and then. She must be very proud of her husband, Bryan who currently works as a medic for the Official Fire Department City of New York. He also was a former employee at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery in New York City. They also have a child together, but unfortunately, the info about her children is still kept a big secret from the media.

Abigail Hawk net worth and age

Abigail Hawk is a well-known actress famous for her role as Detective Abigail Baker from the hit CBS series ‘Blue Bloods.’ Some might also be a fan of her for her great work in the TV series Reality Check as Samantha Bonner. Some of her other work includes A Christmas in Vermont and her 2017 directorial debut ‘Almost Paris’ that won her the best actress award in Golden Door Film Festival. She came a long way in both career and net worth in her life. Abigail has gathered net worth around 800,000 dollars. Her total net worth must be quite large when compared to her starting days in the acting industry when she used to appear in small roles in the show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Abigail Hawk leaving Blue Bloods age Net Worth
Caption:- 33 years old Abigail Hawk from Blue Bloods has Net Worth of $800 Thousand.

Coming to her wiki-bio, Abigail was born on 4th May 1985 in Marietta, Georgia to Robert and Diana Gustafson as Abigail Gustafson. She attended the North Springs Charter School of Arts and Sciences in Georgia and graduated from the University of Maryland in College Park with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre.

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