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Alex Fine Biography, Net Worth, Trainer, Girlfriend Cassie, Workout

Alex fine is an American citizen who is well known for his Alex Fine Performance brand of personal training. He is from Los Angeles, California. Alex is also a professional bull rider. He has offered his nutrition and fitness to several celebrities including Jenifer Aniston and Reggie Bush. Let’s dive deeper into Alex Fine life by looking at his net worth, girlfriend Cassie and his biography.

Who is Alex Fine?

Alex Fine is an American citizen by birth. Alex was born on March 12, 1993, and is now 26 years old. He is a personal trainer on nutrition and fitness of which he has coached several celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Reggie Bush, Mike Lee, and Odell Beckam Jr. among others. He is also a professional bull rider.

Before indulging into his profession, he was a student at Michigan University in 2015. While schooling, he played for his University’s football team. His mother is called Pam Fine. We have no information about his father. He later got into a relationship with singer Cassie Ventura who is 32 years old. The two officially linked in 2018.

Image of Personal Trainer, Alex Fine
Personal Trainer, Alex Fine

Alex Fine Net Worth. How much is Alex Fine worth?

Alex Fine net worth is $550,000. He earns his money from his Trainer job. He has been giving service to elite athletes and celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Mike Lee.

Image of Personal Trainer, Alex Fine net worth is $550,000
Personal Trainer, Alex Fine net worth is $550,000

He also participates in bull riding competitions and racing ATVs across Mexico with other celebrities who are also his clients. Alex Fine has also featured in Men’s Journal and Yahoo Health. He has been operating between Los Angeles and New York working with various clients who depend heavily on his services.

Alex Fine Dating life with Girlfriend Cassie. Marriage plans

Alex Fine is dating singer Cassie Ventura who is an American dancer, singer-actress, and a model. This news reached the public when Cassie posted on Instagram a photo of the two kissings. She is said to have broken up with Diddy, a famous American rapper, and songwriter before falling in love with Alex.

Image of Alex Fine with her girlfriend Cassie Ventura
Alex Fine with her girlfriend, Cassie Ventura

There are rumours that Alex Fine and girlfriend, Cassie Ventura have secretly got married, six months later after breaking up with her previous boyfriend, P. Diddy. She is said to have been dating Alex Fine secretly without the knowledge of P. Diddy. Their relationship was as a result of Alex Fine being Cassie’s trainer. We will update you once we get the right information on whether they are married or planning to get married.

Alex Fine and Cassie Pregnant with Baby Girl?

Alex Fine and his lover Cassie Ventura are expecting a child. This is according to ENEWS reports on Thursday 13th June 2019. They are planning a first born baby, and it will be a girl. The two are said to be very happy about the news that they are going to be parents. Above all, Cassie is going to be a mom. The two took a photo showing a pair of baby shoes hanging on the rear view mirror of their car, indicating their excitement about getting a baby. On Instagram, Cassie wrote, “Can’t wait to meet our baby girl. Love you always and forever.”

Alex Fine Nationality, Ethnicity

Alex fine has American citizenship. He has white ethnicity.

Measurements: Height and Weight

Alex Fine is 1.83m tall, which is equivalent to six feet. His weight stands at 85kg.

"Image of Personal trainer Alex Fine
Personal trainer Alex Fine

Alex Fine Personal Trainer: Workout and Diet

Alex Fine personal trainer has programs for both men and women.  In men, he focuses on strength, weight-loss, and athlete performance. In women, he focuses on strength, weight loss, and toning. They customise programs according to the client’s needs and aspirations. He does individual training and group training. In group training, he focuses on corporate companies for wellness programs. He depends on self-motivated, hardworking people who get motivated during his workouts. There is no information about his diet.

Personal life

Alex Fine is very active in his personal trainer program. He gives service to many people, the majority being celebrities, including his girlfriend, Cassie. He also participates in bull riding sport and competes with other stars who are also his clients at his trainer program. Alex Fine also spends time with his girlfriend, Cassie. This is evident from the pictures they post on social media.

Alex Fine Birth Name, Age, Bio, Wiki 

Birth Name Alex Fine
Date of Birth March 12, 1993
Age 26 years
Height 1.83 meters
Place of Birth United States of America
Nationality American
Occupation Personal trainer and bull rider
Weight 85 kg
Net worth $550 thousand
Parents Father   is  unknown; mother is Pam Fine
Relationship status Dating
Girlfriend Cassie Ventura
Siblings Unknown
Death-O-Meter Alive


Alex fine has a girlfriend by the name Cassie Ventura. They are expecting a baby girl very soon. His net worth is $550,000. None have children from any previous relationships.

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