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All Girls Garage Cristy Lee married or dating? Know her net worth and age.

All Girls Garage Cristy Lee married dating net worth age boyfriend husand family

Lady mechanics are considerably fewer than male mechanics and as a result, most auto shows we see on TV feature all-men garage crews. However, Velocity’s All Girls Garage is one auto show that stands out. The show is hosted by all-women motor experts namely Cristy Lee, Sarah ‘Bogi’ Lateiner, and Rachel De Barros.

These ladies take on tough projects that rival those undertaken by their male counterparts in a bid to prove they are just as good. Although the show premiered in 2012, you may have heard or seen Cristy Lee before then. Where? Find out below.

Is Cristy Lee married to her husband or dating a boyfriend?

Cristy Lee is an extremely private public figure. Most of what she shares on social media has to do with bikes, cars, garage duties, colleagues, meet and greets with fans, and of course some lovely selfies. And therefore, it is difficult to determine whether Cristy Lee is married, single or dating.

However, Cristy when asked by Workshop Hero what she does in her spare time, Cristy replied,

“I never have spare time. I have to make it. When I can, I use it to relax, catch up with friends and family, cook. All are some of my favorite activities.”

All Girls Garage Cristy Lee dating boyfriend family
Caption;- All Girls Garage Cristy Lee have no boyfriend nor husband yet

So if we were to make an educated guess going by this response, we’d say Cristy Lee is not married but focussing on her career at the moment. She could, however, be dating someone that understands her crazy schedule. But until she tells us, all we can do is guess.

Cristy Lee Net Worth and Age

Cristy Lee’s career path has been quite adventurous. You can check out her resume on her official website but here’s a synopsis if you may. After graduating from college, Cristy moved from Florida to Detroit, Michigan.

She became a dancer for Detroit Pistons Dance Team ‘Automotion’ in 2006 and later performed with MISL Dance Team. She then became a game show host for a local Detroit casino, talent agency manager, and an Auto Show circuit narrator.

After winning a contest in 2008, Cristy became a traffic reporter and DJ for 101.1 WRIF FM Radio. And the following she also started working as an in-arena hostess for the Detroit Red Wings games. From 2012 to 2014, she hosted AMA Pro Road Racing of which she was one of the producers.

All Girls Garage Cristy Lee age net Worth Source Of Income
Caption:- All Girls Garage Cristy Lee is Currently 40 Years old and has Net Worth of $13 million.

Cristy credits this AMA gig for kick-starting her career in motorsports. In 2012 still, she debuted in All Girls Garage where she co-hosts till to date. And ever since she has gotten several hosting and reporting jobs including Barrett-Jackson LIVE (2015-to date), SEMA Show Special 2013, MotoAmerica (2015), X Games Austin (2015-present), and others.

Cristy has also collaborated with many big players of the motor world including Kawasaki Motors, Ford Performance, Dodge, Toyota et cetera. And oh, Cristy is more of a bike person and her latest ride is a Kawasaki ZX6R. Impressive resume, right? So, what do you think Cristy Lee’s net worth is? Well, according to most sources Cristy Lee’s net worth is around $13 million. Accurate or not, Cristy is no doubt a millionaire.

Cristy Lee Wiki Bio, DOB

Almost every source will tell you Cristy Lee age is 40 years having been born on October 21, 1977. But that’s FALSE! These sources are mistaken for former beauty queen and Amazing Race competitor, Christie Lee Woods.

A lot of Cristy Lee’s personal information remains private as she was born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida but her birthday and age are not known. Little is known about her parents but growing up, Cristy’s father was a mechanic.

Cristy bought her first bike at 18. She loves Motorcycle racing, dirt track, mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, jet skiing, dancing, writing, sports, fitness, poker, go-kart racing, and more!!!


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