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Amanda Markert Wiki/Bio: Facts about Pauly D’s Baby Mama.

Image of Amanda Markert: Facts about Pauly D's Baby Mama.

Drama is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the name of Amanda Markert because all the stories on the internet centered on the former waitress include bucket loads of controversy and drama. As a result, she makes for a fascinating character study. This article will focus on various aspects of the woman’s life, as well as examine her age, career, and spouse. Who is she dating? We will also look at the father of her baby and examine the pair’s relationship. You’ll want to read ahead and unravel the story.

Meet Amanda Market. Take a look at the drama surrounding Paula D’s baby mom. Find out what happened between them.

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Amanda Markert was born in 1989, in Las Vegas, Nevada which makes her 30 years old as of this year. There is scarce detail available on the former waitress’ early childhood and family. We have nothing to go on about her parents and siblings names. We aren’t even sure she has any siblings in the first place.

Amanda has led a life filled with drama and intrigue. 2013 in particular, marked a very unsettling year for the former actress. Amanda Markert did not know who the father of her baby girl was. As such, a DNA test had to be conducted. It was revealed that Pauly D was indeed her daughter’s biological father and a custody battle ensued. This was fortunately resolved before it got ugly.

Who is Amanda Markert? Her Career Info.

Amanda Markert is a former American Hooter’s waitress. She became famous after her one night stand with Jersey Shores’s Pauly D. The MTV show became a cult phenomenon after it premiered, gathering a plethora of fans in a short amount of time. Fans tuned in every week to see what the cast of the Jersey Shore was doing. The lure of it was drama and antics.

Pauly D’s baby mama was also an attendant at VIP Bottle Service, which operated at the Pool After Dark in Harrah’s Resort, Atlantic City. Her time there enabled her to build connections and long lasting friendships with a lot of club promoters in the city. They in turn always put her on alert if they had any job available for the young woman.

Image of Amanda Markert, American Hooter’s waitress
Amanda Markert, American Hooter’s waitress

Her would-be baby daddy, Pauly D previously stayed at Harrah’s The Pool After Dark. One of the perks of Working in Atlantic City, especially in the VIP areas, has its perks. One of them was meeting a lot of celebrities who hosted events or were hanging out with friends, which is precisely how she would meet partner Pauly D, and they would go home together that night.

The former waitress is trying her best to become famous. She likely wants to reach the same levels of fame her baby daddy has. To this end, she has gone about it with methods that are somehow questionable. In 2013, TMZ broke the story that Markert was trying to sell text messages from Pauly D that begged her to get an abortion after he found out about the pregnancy. Neither Markert nor Pauly D commented on the story, however.

Amanda Markert Net Worth. How much is Amanda Markert worth?

Amanda has tried a hand at several ventures over the years. Not only was she hostess at Hooters, but she also worked as a waitress at VIP Bottle service. She was regularly tasked with catering at fancy routes like the Harrah’s resort. Amanda Markert’s net worth currently remains undisclosed and under review but we are hopeful of its estimation it very soon.

Image of Waitress, Amanda Markert net worth is currently not available
Waitress, Amanda Markert net worth is currently not available

But seeing as she makes a reasonably modest living, we can assume that it cannot be anything close to what her baby daddy makes. The former celebrity is working hard to earn her way to fame, so it may only be a matter of time before her net worth and salary growth.

 Is Amanda Markert Married? Who is her Baby Daddy?

The beautiful woman is, in fact, single. But she has had a slew of relationships which have resulted in a lot of drama of the years. Before she even had her one-night stand with Paul, she was romantically involved with another man. She also had a son named Mickey with him. Amanda would meet the reality star, Pauly D, while she was working as a waitress.

Image of Amanda Markert with Pauly D
Amanda Markert with Pauly D

The two would end up spending the night together, the results of which would be a baby girl named Annabelle, nine months later. Pauly D did not learn about his daughter until she was already a few months old because Amanda had thought someone else to be the father at the time. A DNA test would soon confirm that Paul was indeed the father. So, the pair was never married and wasn’t even close to dating.

Image of Amanda Markert kids
Amanda Markert kids

What would ensue next was an ugly custody battle where the reality star wanted full custody because Paul thought that Amanda was using their daughter to get famous. The two would eventually settle on unsupervised visits for Paul during the weekends after they decided to be co-parents. Besides the occasional strife, the two are getting on along rather well.

Pauly D has even gone on a recording, stating that becoming a father has made him a better man. He is no longer the same carefree man who did whatever he wanted. The pair love their daughter and are working hard to ensure that their daughter lives a beautiful life. Currently, Amanda and their daughter stay together in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Amanda Markert Age, Wiki-Bio, Birthdate

Full name Amanda Markert
Age 30 years old.
Date of Birth 1989.
Place of Birth Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.
Profession Waitress at Hooters, Attendant at VIP Bar Services
Net worth Under review
Husband Not married
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Unknown

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