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Award winning Journalist Anne Drewa married or still single? Details with bio.

Anne Drewa married

British Nationality, Anne Drewa has made herself a name in the field of Journalism through her strong voice and commanding personality. She has further reputed her name through awards and her invaluable skills in Journalism. With every hard work there comes the success, yeah, she has a similar story as she has won Prestigious Journalism Award, Jack Webster Award in 2010 for Best News Reporting of the Year. Besides her achievement in her profession, Is she as successful in personal life? Has Anne Drewa married yet or still searching for a date? We will come up with all the details on her including short bio.

Anne Drewa married

Caption: Journalist Anne Drewa all comfy at home

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Is Anne Drewa married to her dream person?

As beautiful and Charming Anne Drewa is in her proffesion, she is an equal match in her personal life too. She is a family person. Question is if she is single or got married.

Anne Drewa may be a shy person, it doesn’t mean she is afraid to show world who she is and her belief. She is an openly person who is well prepared to face consequence of a public relationship. In a Q&A with Anne Drewa, she  made it all clear about her relationship and what she prefers in male partner.

At the time, she made it clear what is keeping  her from being in a relationship.  She talked about male and her encounter with them. While answering to if she is married, Drewa told she is currently single but  she had boyfriend in past.


No. I’m single. I haven’t found the right one yet. It’s hard to find a match. I’ve had my share of boyfriends, certainly — people say I could write a book! — but I haven’t found the right one. And I think it’s because I have many close, fantastic men in my life.”


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Drewa further explained herself being a family person and she loves to be around them. Furthermore, she has a special thing for her dad. She couldn’t hide the feeling as she told that she seeks for the character of her father and looks of Bon Jovi in men. As she describes her perfect guy;


“My perfect guy has the looks of [Jon] Bon Jovi and the substance of my father.”


Anne may have found the perfect person

Anne Drewa finally could have found her perfect partner, so this could be it. As for the photo emerged on Facebook , she could have been engaged to the person.

Anne Drewa engaged


She is wrapped up around the arm of a man, with duo all smile. Furthermore, she is wearing  a white sparkling ring around her finger. That suggests she must be engaged if so we might get to see them married in future.

Short Bio  

Born on 1987 in North Vancouver. Anne Drewa is British Journalist who is 30 years of age with a height of 5 ft 4 in. She has a father who is a retired mechanical engineer and a brother. If not for journalism she would have been an athlete. She has an athletic body along with her beautiful face. Anne Drewa is of white ethenicity.

Drewa has done quite well with her profession regarding earning. She is among few highly paid Journalist. Along with her generous earning she must have an exquisite net worth.


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