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Tia Torres’ Husband Aren Marcus Jackson, His Wiki, Jail, Update, Net Worth, Married, Children, Now

Aren Marcus Jackson, Tia Torres' Husband Wiki, Jail, Update, Net Worth, Married

Dogs are one of the honest and faithful creatures on the planet. If you agree with this, you undoubtedly own a dog. And we believe, every dog owner knows Tia Torres who is the best friend of every dog.

Torres is the founder of the reality series ‘Pit Bull and Parolees’ that focus on rescuing and taking care of abused and abandoned dogs of all breeds.

Tia Torres is married to her husband Aren Marcus Jackson for almost two decades. But sadly, Marcus Jackson is sentenced to jail. But why was he sentenced to prison? Here, in this article, we are going to talk about Tia’s husband, Aren Marcus Jackson wiki-bio, income, wife, and his sentencing.

Aren Marcus Jackson Early Life

Aren Marcus was born in August of 1968 in the United States, but his actual birth date is not available to the media. Similarly, neither the details of his parents and siblings or his schools’ name are also not available.

Moreover, the information about his early life and education are also unclear. Looking at his record, we can only say that his childhood was a troubled one.

Aren Marcus Jackson Net Worth

Jackson is famously known as the husband of Tia Maria Torres. We are unable to find the details of his net worth salary that he makes from his profession.

Moreover, he is a supportive husband. Also, Aren co-founded an animal shelter, Villalobos, Rescue Centre in New Orleans, United States of America. His fame is only associated with his wife. We will update you with his net worth as soon as it arises. But maybe being in prison could be a reason that he is not able to earn a decent salary and thus not possess a net worth. His wife Tia Torres, on the other hand, has a reasonably considerable net worth of around $300,000.

Tia Torres’ Husband Aren Marcus Jackson; Do They Have Any Children?

Many people thought Aren Marcus and his wife Tia both have separated. But in fact, they are married for over a decade and are still together.


image of Tia Torres Sharing her Marriage with Husband Aren Marcus Jackson
CAption:- Tia Torres Sharing her Marriage with Husband Aren Marcus Jackson

Aren and Tia first met in the early 90s when she was a part of the vampire craze. At the time, Tia’s husband was in the California Penitentiary. They got married after Aren was released from the jail in 2006.

Aren is very supportive of his wife Tia and always stand by her side. The two become pen pals in 2001. Eventually, the two fell in love and started dating slowly. After a year of their marriage, he was arrested and sentenced to prison.

The family now happily parents four children as the couple share two adorable daughters Tania and Maria, and two adopted sons Kanani and Keli. Aren’s oldest daughter, Tania, was born from Tia’s past relationship.

Image of Tia along with her four children Tania, Maria, Kanani, and Keli
Caption:- Tia along with her four children Tania, Maria, Kanani, and Keli

All the kids are now adults and are sometimes featured in a reality TV show alongside their mother. Aren, on the other hand, is still serving his time in prison and will be released from jail in 2020.

Who is Aren Marcus Jackson’s Wife, Tia Torres?

The reality TV star Tia is a counter of the Villalobos Rescue Center. She was born in 1960 and is 58 years old as of 2019. Aren Marcus and his wife both have lived through a broken relationship because Tia isn’t his first wife and Tia also has inked a tattoo of her former partner.

Image of Aren Marcus Jackson and his reality TV star wife Tia Torres
Caption:- Aren Marcus Jackson and his reality TV star wife Tia Torres

Moreover, she makes the right amount of fortune from her show. Tia Torres has garnered a net worth of around $300,000, as of 2019. Though her annual salary is not revealed to the audience.

Aren Marcus Jackson Jail and Prison Sentence Update. Where is He Now?

As of 2019, Aren Marcus Jackson is in jail on multiple felony charges. According to his wife, Marcus was sent to prison on a bum rap. Aren was arrested in 2007 and was charged with 11 felonies including second-degree burglary of a vehicle and attempted murder of police officers. However, Jackson never pleaded guilty for all charges.

Now, he is in jail and will be released in 2020. His family is eagerly waiting for his return, and so are the show’s audiences.

Quick Facts about Aren Marcus Jackson

Name Aren Marcus Jackson
Born Date August 1968
Age 51 years old
Profession TV Personality
Net Worth N/A
Salary N/A
Spouse Tia Torres
Children Four
Height N/A
Nationality American

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