O.J. Simpson’s Daughter: Arnelle Simpson Wiki, Net Worth, Married, Siblings, Parents, Grandparents

It is commonplace for parents to compromise on their happiness and comfort for the sake of their children. The moment the children learn this ideal and reciprocate their parents’ love for them then the bond that binds the family becomes even stronger. Arnelle Simpson has never hesitated to defend her father, both in public and in private. As an American actress, she has delivered works such as Mugshots and other interesting pieces of productions.

We will shed more light on the person that is Arnelle Simpson; net worth, siblings, relations and the rumors of her relationship with Tupac.

J. Simpson’s Daughter, Arnelle Simpson, and Tupac Relationship

There are rumors that Arnellle shortly dated Tupac Shakur. However, since there is no reliable observation to prove this, it could just be a rumor and nothing more.

Arnelle Simpson Net Worth

Arnelle has been portrayed in some miniseries and documentaries. Such activities have been the main source of her net worth. Some of her popular works include Is O.J Innocent? The Missing Evidence and Mugshots. Apart from her sweat, Arnelle also benefits from her father’s expansive wealth. From the estimates, O.J Simpson is estimated to be worth $3 million. Most of this wealth he got during his days as a footballer. However, Arnell’s particular net worth is not known to the public.

Image of Arnelle Simpson net worth is not available

Arnelle Simpson net worth is not available

Parents: Mother and Father, Grandparents

Arnelle is the daughter to O.J Simpson and Margurite Whitley. Arnell’s father was a renowned footballer of his time. In 1969, he played for the Buffalo Bills. The family was formed in 1969. Arnell has a sibling called Jason. Throughout the years, Arnelle has always been on her father’s side. She believes that O.J Simpson is very innocent.

Image of Arnelle Simpson with her father O.J simpson

Arnelle Simpson with her father, O.J Simpson

In both cases, Arnelle has passionately defended her father in court. Arnell’s paternal grandparents are Jimmy Lee Simpson and Eunice Simpson. There is no information regarding her maternal grandparents. The fact that Arnell’s mother married and broke up with the father way back makes it hard for researchers to know so much about her family details.

O.J. Simpson's Son: Justin Ryan Simpson Wiki, Net Worth, Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Aunts

Unlike her step-siblings’ maternal and paternal grandparents who seemed not to have been in the best of terms, Arnell’s grandparents from the two sides had no serious reasons to adopt the same attitude. The divorce issue between their kids could not raise so much tension.

Age, Wiki, Bio, Siblings

Born on the 4th of December 1968, Arnelle Simpson is presently 49 years old. Arnell is the eldest daughter of Marguerite and O.J Simpson. Arnell had two siblings. Unfortunately, one of them died when he was barely two years old. He drowned in the swimming pool. She has been deeply involved in her father’s trials. Arnell’s belief in her father’s innocence has brought her out as the most trusted and loyal child of O.J Simpson.

After the divorce, Marguerite, Arnell’s mother, entered two marriages. She completely disappeared from the public limelight. However, she continued to support her children throughout their father’s trial. Marguerite perfectly understood the emotional and psychological trauma that her children were dealing with. Before the appearances she made on the media during her father’s trial, there is not so much which can be extracted from Arnelle’s earlier life.

Image of Arnelle Simpson with her father, mother and her brother

Arnelle Simpson with her father, mother and her brother

Arnelle Simpson Social Media. What Is She Doing Now?

For a very long time, Arnell has always kept her life away from the glares of the public. The only time she comes out openly is when her father is undergoing a trial or something. Therefore, unless you are a very close friend or a family member of hers, it is impossible to tell what is going on in her life at the moment.

O.J. Simpson's Son: Justin Ryan Simpson Wiki, Net Worth, Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Aunts

However, there are those reports which say that Arnelle currently lives in Fresno, California. Nobody knows where Arnelle works; if at all she has a job.

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