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Auctioneer Mark Stacey Married, Wife, Death, Net Worth, Age, Family, Children

Image of Auctioneer Mark Stacey

Mark Stacey wiki bio

Mark Stacey was born on the 23rd of September 1964. Apart from being a television personality who has appeared several times on the BBC, Mark is also a Welsh’s valuer. He was born in the South of Wales. At a tender age, Mark Stacey’s family relocated to London. Mark ended up spending the rest of his childhood living there. He began his work life at the auction houses of Bonhams and Sotheby’s. Mark also, later on, developed a very strong liking for art. Before becoming an auctioneer, Mark was a reputable dealer.

Learn more about Antiques Road Trip star Mark Stacey’s married life with wife and children. Also don’t miss the chance to look at his earnings, tv shows, wiki, biography, and death hoax.

Mark Stacey Married To Wife, And Children

Not so much is known about Mark’s family life. All these years, he opted to keep everything low-key. Perhaps it is the pressure that comes with exposing his wife and children made him do so. However, the available, reliable sources intimate that Mark has never been officially married. Mark and his wife, have been living together for the past six years. The farthest he has ever gone is to have a long-time girlfriend who comes from Spain.

Nobody knows whether Mark Stacey has ever had any children before. The partner has equally avoided the limelight. She tries so hard to avoid the glares of the camera. At the moment, the two lovebirds are living together in Santiago.

At his age, it should come out as a shock that Mark has never entertained the idea of settling down. Does he not desire to have children of his own? Maybe, the nasty divorce experiences of other celebrity couples have succeeded in scaring him away. All the same, nobody knows for sure.

Image of Mark Stacey who is not officially married to wife
Mark Stacey is not officially married to wife

Mark Stacey Net Worth, Age, Career, Antique Road Trip

Over the years, Mark Stacey has been able to make an appearance on so many television shows. On a regular occasion, Mark also appears on BBC shows. Besides being a television presenter, Mark is also a shrewd businessman. Back in Brighton, he runs a very flourishing antique shop. Over time, he has managed to establish contacts from within and outside the country. Mark has in the process built a very reputable name for himself. Due to the high returns from the business, Mark Stacey commands a long fleet of antique vehicles. Apart from the antique, Mark is also an independent auctioneer and valuer.

During his t.v presentation and filming career, Mark used to be paid a fortune. With all the wisdom he has, Mark managed to attain a very attractive net worth. From the latest estimates, Mark’s net worth is approximately $4 million. The fact that he is yet to quite the screens, and is still in the antique business, only means that his wealth will keep going higher. The auctioneering field has also earned him some good money.

Image of Auctioneer Mark Stacey net worth is $4 million
Auctioneer Mark Stacey net worth is $4 million

Born in 1964, Mark Stacey is currently 54 years old. Well, he will be turning exactly fifty four in a week’s time. Mark has three siblings, a brother, and two sisters. There is not so much information about Mark’s early days and schooling. He remains to be a very mysterious man.

Mark Stacey Dead?

There have been some bad rumors about Mark Stacey’s death. The truth of the matter is that the gentleman is still so much alive. For now, he is peacefully enjoying his days at Brighton with his lovely Spanish partner.

Maybe it is the high time people began appreciating the efforts of Mark Stacey while he is still alive and able to absorb the compliments. Imagine how things would look like if Mark had actually passed on, and that it is not a rumor after all. Currently, Mark does not have any serious health condition that may be a threat to his life. His death is therefore not reasonably foreseeable.

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