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Street Outlaws AZN Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend, Wiki, Bio, Real Name, Death

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  • November 14, 2023November 14, 2023

Azn is a famous name in the Street Outlaws show. He has an interesting wiki-bio. Know about his wife, girlfriend, his real name and net worth. Also, see below where death entered his life.

Who is AZN from Street Outlaws? Wiki/Bio

Azn was born on August 3, 1981. His real name is Jeff Bonnett. He was born in Oklahoma, United States of America.

Azn’s current age is 37 years.

He is an American citizen. Azn ethnicity consists of a mixture of two races. His father Denis Bonnett was an American citizen. His mother Motsu Bonnett came from Taiwan and had Asian descent.

The TV star is the second born in his family. He has an elder sister whose name is Brenda Bonnet.

His hometown was very popular with street racing. Due to this, the reality show star developed an interest in driving. While in high school, he borrowed 2800 dollars from his father to buy a car.

After finishing school, he created a job of his own. The job was mainly safety precautions to house owners against fire. The job was to help him pay back the money he owed his dad.

Wiki-bio sources indicate that Azn suffered his mother’s death at an early age of 16 years. This was after a period of struggle with cancer. Four years later, he suffered another death. His father also passed after having a defective heart valve.

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Azn’s career was mostly influenced by his father who was his first mentor. He learned how to drive from him. Also, the two made several modifications to the car Azn had bought. To enhance the speed and performance of the 1964 Chevy, they changed its engine. They transplanted a V-8 engine instead, and it actually worked.

The reality show star life did not stop after his father who mentored him died. Instead, it took a new phase in his career life. By good luck, he met with Sean ‘Farmtruck’ Wheatley at a street race.

The two were in competition with each other. Sean ‘Farmtruck’ Wheatley was the then street king. The first timer lost the race to his competitor. However, after the race, the two joked along with each other. Instead of becoming enemies, they became friends.

The bond between them grew stronger with time. Farmtruck showed him what he had done to his C-10 pickup car. From then on, the two collaborated in various projects.

They also partnered in the race track. Indeed, he had met another mentor to replace his father and a friend too. He attributes his perfect knowledge of the engine and his superb driving skills to Farmtruck.

Since then, Azn’s career as a street racer has drastically changed positively. He is among the most recognized street racers in Oklahoma.

His fame has also been greatly enhanced by his appearances in the Street Outlaws show. This is a Discovery Channel reality television show. He appears here along with his partner and good friend Farmtruck.

Image of AZN from Street Outlaws show

AZN from Street Outlaws show

Street Outlaws Azn Net Worth and New Cars

Azn’s net worth is $350,000. This is according to some wiki estimations.  The reality star is a business minded man. His net worth is highly contributed by the income he receives from the Street Outlaws television show and other ventures. These include a clothing store he owns in Oklahoma.

Image of Street Outlaws cast AZN net worth is $350,000

Street Outlaws cast AZN net worth is $350,000

From there, he obviously gets a good return.

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Azn’s first car which he used in racing was a 1964 Chevy II NOVA. He had made several modifications to it to be competitive among other racers.

He sold the car but later acquired it back through the help of Farmtruck. Azn bought a new car, a 1966 VW BUG with 1000 Horse Power turbo-charged engine. He always calls his new car ‘The Dung Beetle.’

Street Outlaws Azn Wife, Girlfriend, Married

Azn’s information on wife or girlfriend, and whether married or not has remained a secret. He has decided to keep his personal life very private.

The only girl known to be so close to the car racer publicly is Leesa Lacey. However, no one can tell whether she was once his girlfriend.  As a matter of fact, Leesa cannot be his wife or girlfriend because she is already married.

Image of Street Outlaws AZN is currently single

Street Outlaws AZN is currently single

In his wiki-bio, there is no information regarding his love life.

Street Outlaws Azn and Farmtruck Relationship. 2019 Updates

Azn and Farmtruck’s relationship is pure friendship. They are neither related by blood nor romantically engaged. They are just professional partners to each other.

Image of Street Outlaws AZN with Farmtruck

Street Outlaws AZN with Farmtruck

This mutual relationship between them has been in existence close to 11 years now.

Season 2 of Street Outlaws premieres in 2019. He is expected to be among the racers fighting for points and the $50,000 grand prize.

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