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Beth Smith Weight Loss and Cancer updates. Know her Husband, Children, Net Worth, Wiki-bio and Age.

Image of Beth Smith Married, Husband, Children, Net Worth, Cancer, Weight Loss, and Age

Beth Smith is a renowned producer – infamous for 2010’s Hawaii Five-0, 2003’s Dog the Bounty Hunter, not to mention 2013’s Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. She is the darling wife of Duane Chapman, and they got married on 20th May 2006, and they have two children. Previously, she was married to Keith A. Barmore.

Beth Smith Wiki bio

Alice Elizabeth Smith alias Beth Chapman was born on 29th October 1967 in Denver, Colorado, USA. She is the doting daughter of Garry Smith who is a retired professional baseball player. He played for Kansas City Athletics in the Professional Baseball League. However, Beth has concealed all the information about her mother and siblings. Beth was brought up in Denver, Colorado before she relocated to Hawaii. She used to hold the record of the youngest licensed bail bondsman before it was broken by Lyssa who is her stepdaughter.

All the information about her education and her early life cannot be made up. In her early life, she worked as an ice skater, gymnast, waitress, and a nightclub singer. That was before she eventually became a bail bondsman and a bounty hunter.

Beth Smith married to husband, Duane Chapman, and children

Beth Smith husband is called Duane Chapman whom she met unexpectedly at her hour of need. The two lovebirds met in 1980 when Beth had committed an offense – which can be termed as a misdemeanor. Beth coveted lemons when she had gone shopping, and consequently, she shoplifted them. Unfortunately, she was caught and arraigned in court for the same. She was to be jailed: were it not for Duane’s intervention who bailed her out.

Image of Beth Smith with her husband Duane Chapman
Beth Smith with her husband, Duane Chapman

Before marrying Duane, she was married to Kieth A. Barmore in 1991, but they later divorced. Together they sired Cecily Barmore Chapman. Beth also has a son called Dominic Smith whom she sired with her high school boyfriend. Before Beth and Duane tied the knot in 2006, they sought Beth Smith children’s consent. Afterward, they sired two more Beth Smith kids called Joanne Chapman and Gary Chapman. Both of them are victims of divorce, and they are now very careful with their marriage.

Beth Smith Net Worth, Age, TV career

She is an industrious lady, and she has done a lot in her career. Beth Smith net worth is $2 million, but if what reliable sources have it about her recent $30 million sue is anything to go by, then she was well-monied before. Beth Smith age is 50 years, and she is still pursuing her vision and mission vigorously-without looking back.

"Image of Beth Smith net worth which is $2 million
Net Worth of Duane Chapman wife is $2 million

Her fame shot up after launching Dog the Bounty Hunter in 2003, and consequently, she started scaling the heights of success. Not only did she scale the heights of her career, but also continued soaring higher and higher, because she has never descended. To top it all, Beth has also put up other reckonable shows, for instance: Beth: On the Hunt in 2013, and Dog: The Family Speaks 2006. In spite of her commendable shows and success in her other endeavors, Beth has never pocketed any award.

Beth Smith Cancer Battle. How is she doing now?

Beth Smith cancer was chilling and gruesome. There was absolutely nothing to smile about because the ultimate result of cancer is death. However, tables were turned when Duane Chapman broke the amazing news that Beth had finally beaten cancer! It was just awesome! It is in their A&E’s show dubbed Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives that Duane broke that news to the general viewership of the show. This show had been closed following her cancer and how she was progressing, since when she was diagnosed with stage two throat cancer.

When a pathology test was done, it is Duane who was the first one to receive those exciting news. To express his love and happiness for Beth, he said, “If you love me, LORD, you’ll let me die first. Don’t let me bury Beth.” Afterward, he went and informed her about the exciting news. Despite how worldly they look, on that day they confessed their faith in God and thanked him for overturning death over Beth’s life.

Beth Smith Weight Loss

The couple is quite an item, and in spite of their age, it is evident that they are deeply in love. Beth Smith weight loss is as a result of her cancer. She underwent a 13 hours surgery to remove a T2 throat cancer, and after that, when a pathology test was done, she tested negative for cancer cells. That is why her health was affected, and she shed some weight. She was a huge and hefty lady, but nowadays she is a bit slim. She looks more youthful and appetizing than how she was before.

In the recent photos that she posted on Instagram, Beth is better off without the extra weight than how she was previously. Beth is still pursuing her endeavors on TV, and all is perfectly well with her. She became a renowned TV personality who is featured in her reality show, and she cannot stop because it is also a source of money for her.

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