Meet Big Chief new girlfriend, Jackie Braasch. Big Chief Divorced Wife Allicia Shearer.

When you think about street racing, you can’t think anyone else other than Big Chief; he is a novice in the industry. Big Chief is known for his famous show “Street Outlaws” on the Discovery Channel. Currently, he is in the public eyes with his new catch, Jackie Braasch. However, he is a married man, and everyone one is trying to find out whether or not his new girlfriend is mere rumors or not.

There are many discussions around town and unanswered questions to the entry of the new woman in his life. Big Chief’s real name is Justine Shearer. So, does he have a new girlfriend? The guy is a bigwig in the street racing game. Also, Jackie Braasch, his rumored lady is a member of the motorsport organization.

In this article, Justin Shearer Fans will find interesting facts about Jackie Braasch. Continue to read on.

So, who is Jackie Braasch? Know more about Street Outlaws Big Chief new girl Jackie Braasch.

If we choose to go with the rumors, then Jackie Braasch is a member of the Car Chix group, which is a respected motorsports organization for women. Big Chief Girlfriend Jackie made it to the top 12 finalists in the race. Jackie Braasch drives a Spitzer Dragster. She has been a fierce competitor of the Rockett Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series.

What we can deduce is that she is in the same industry as Big Chief. Also, Jackie has been the champion of the Junior Dragster Division. She has always loved racing since she was a small girl. She not only loves cars, but she is also into the latest models that grace the market.

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Jackie Braasch is a new girlfriend of Street Outlaws Big Chief

Jackie Braasch, new girlfriend of Street Outlaws Big Chief


According to her, her dad was also in the motorsports when she was a young girl. She used to take her to racing competition. This made her develop a keen interest and opted to start participating in the race, at only eight years of age. Also, she knows how to fix different parts of a car, and she is so good at it.

She loves handling different parts of a car. Jackie spends most of her time with cars and her family. Also, she is very active on her social media accounts such as Instagram where she uploads hundreds of pictures with her car. Interestingly, she is a selfie love and an animal keeper. She loves her dog so much.

Rumors are going around town that Jackie is already married to Bi Chief and are already living together with Chief’s kids. Jackie is not the only kid in the family; she has a sister called Erin Braasch, who is also a fierce racer.

How they met

As you may know Big Chief is a renowned street racer who has been in the industry for many years. The same can be said of Jackie Braasch. It was apparent the two would cross paths as they work in the same industry. Both are street racers. Big Chief and his new girlfriend Jackie Braash met during race.

Big chief divorced his wife Allicia shearer back in 2017 and now dating new girlfriend Jackie Braasch.

Big Chief was married to his long-term girlfriend called Allicia. They spend years together and later got married. Their love life was solid, and they were blessed with two children: Cobil Shearer and Corvin Shearer. Allicia and Big Chief met at a gas station where Big Chief was working as an attendant.

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Although Big Chief’s new girlfriend is creating a buzz in the media, his divorce is equally getting attention. According to Big Chief himself, he and Allicia have divorced, citing the reason to be irreconcilable differences in their marriage.

Wiki bio

Name Jackie Braasch
Nationality America
Affair with Justin Shearer
profession Street Racer

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