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Brandon is an author, photographer, and a blogger. He is a member of American society. His book the Humans of New York brought him so much success that he was named “30 under 30 People by the Times as well as Under 30 Individuals who are changing the world. Eight years ago he started taking pictures of people working and living in New York City in 2010. Here, you’ll get to know about his real net worth, how much he makes, and how he makes his money and his personal life and other interesting facts.

His actual net worth and source of income

Brandon has a net worth of 9.5 million dollars. So, you may want to know how he much he makes and how he earns his income. When you’re a public figure with a huge following such as Brandon’s, there are ways you can monetize such an opportunity. However, Brandon does not do it for money sakes.  However, there is a lot of potential for Humans of New York.

Brandon Stanton's Net Worth 2018

Recently, he stated that he makes his money through collaborations, magazine pieces, speeches as well as book deals. He has even done a collaboration that involves a photograph of former president Barack Obama.

He has also been heard saying he lives a modest life, yet he bought a duplex worth $2.45 million in New York.

You should also know that the author has HONY accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but does not have a Google plus or YouTube account. However, he still publishes video content called ‘Humans of New York.’ This may probably mean he has signed a deal with Facebook.

Brandon Stanton’s net worth over the years:

2018 $9.5 million
2017 $8 million
2016 $6.5 million

Books that Brandon has written

Brandon has published a book titled ‘Humans of New York.’ His book can be purchased on Amazon. This book features stories and images that he took on the streets of New York as well as other cities. The book was at one time the number 1 bestselling book in the New York Times.

The following is the list of books that he has published.

  • Humans of New York. It was published in October 2013.
  • Little humans, which was published in October 2014.
  • Humans of New York, released in October 2015.

His nickname and street name

People refer to Brandon as Brandon HONY.

His DOB, birthplace, and age

Brandon Stanton was born on 14th March 1984 in Marietta, Georgia US.

Marital status

According to various social media websites, it appears Brand is married. Initially, he was married to Erin O Sullivan, who is the founder and director of Susie’s Senior Dogs. The couple wedded in 2017. They live around Empire Building State in New York. However, he has not said anything about his marriage.  Also, he was once married to Erin O Donnell, but he has not yet shared the information. Nevertheless, he has not share anything about his past or his plans.

Parents, siblings, children

The famous author does not have any kids as of now. The information regarding his siblings and children are not revealed in public, so it is not known if he has them or not.

His house and properties

Brandon and his wife have a house in New York city where they live together. Brandon purchased the duplex in 2016 for $2.45 million

Contact details: email, phone number, and home address

Many people search for the author’s home address, email and phone number on social media and Google. However, Brandon has shared his email address to the public.

His email account  is

Although no one knows exactly where he stays, his area of residence is West Chelsea, New York.

Achievement and awards

Throughout his career, Brandon has received three awards. The first award he got was the People’s Voice Award, the Best Use of Photography segment, as well as the 2013 Webby award for Humans of New York. He was also featured on “30 Under 30 World Changers” by Time magazine in 2013 as well as James Joyce Award, presented by Literary and Historical Society of University College Dublin.

Wiki bio for Brandon Stanton

Full name Brand Stanton
Year of birth 14th March 1984
Place of birth Marietta,  Georgia
Kids None
Marital status Dating
Profession Photographer,  Author
Net worth $9.5 million
Nationality American
Signs of the  zodiac Capricorn
Height 185cm
Weight 80kg

Brandon Stanton’s on social media

Brandon had quite a huge following on social media.  His Facebook page has more than 18 million followers while his Instagram account boasts of more than 7.5 million followers. His Twitter account currently has 754k followers.  Interesting enough, he does not have a YouTube and Google Plus account. Alternatively, you can find out more about the “Humans of New York” star on his official website or his Wikipedia page.

Education: High school and college

Stanton did go to college.  He graduated majored in History in 2010 from the University of Georgia.

Famous quotes

Some of Brand Stanton’s popular quotes include the following:

Notably, he was asked why most of his works resonate with people a lot, and this is what he had to say through his quotes.

I think we love to empathize with the problems that people face more than we relate to their success.

During an interview with a refugee, each you converse with has his or her own story that could hail from a horror film.  Many of the refugees talk about how they witnessed their loved ones being shot or butchered before their naked eyes. Then I take a walk to the Central Park, and I find people talking about paying school fees and going through their third divorce.

The most crucial moments in a person’s life is closely associated with their emotions. The good thing with emotions is that they make stories very powerful.

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