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Clinton Kelly Husband Damon Bayles Bio, Net Worth, Married, Children

Image of Clinton Kelly husband Damon Bayles bio, net worth, married, children

Sexuality doesn’t define any love now. The lovely gay couple Clinton Kelly and his husband Damon Bayles proves that love seeks no prejudice. Damon Bayles came to the limelight after he married Clinton Kelly. 

Damon Bayles is a psychiatrist in New-york. The world-famous designer Clinton Kelly and his husband Damon Bayles have been together by marriage since 2009. The sweethearts are really in love with each other, and it is visibly apparent.  

This concludes Damon’s short wiki-bio. Now let’s look into the wiki-bio of Damon Bylesmore vastly. Be sure to explore Damon Byles net worth, children and bio.

Who is Damon Bayles? Wiki-Bio

Damon Bayles is a New-York based Psychiatrist. He is best known for marrying an Emmy award- winner host Clinton Kelly. He is successfully hiding his information to the media living a lowkey life. Hence, all of us are having a hard time even finding his exact birthday, age, and zodiac sign. But we do know that he was born in the mid-70s. 

Image of Clinton Kelley married Psychiatrist husband Damon Bayles

Clinton Kelley’s husband, Psychiatrist Damon Bayles

Clinton Kelly’s husband, Damon Bayles, is a private person. He works as a private practice- psychiatrist out of Greenwich, a village in New York. However, he is not famous for his career; moreover, he is renowned for marrying the famous “What Not To Wear” host and a fashion designer Clinton Kelly.

Anyhow, we don’t see any difference between this charming gay couple and other straight couples.

Let’s know more about what is going on in their married life, together with their net worth.

What is Damon Bayles Net Worth?

So how much money does Damon earns? Some sources provide the information that Damon Bayles net worth is $2 million the same as his wife-husband, Clinton Kelly. Both of them have the net worth $2 million together making it a total net worth of $4 million.

Image of Psychiactrist, Damon Bayles net worth is $2 million same as husband Clifton Kelley net worth which is also 2 million dollars

Psychiatrist, Damon Bayles net worth is $2 million

As per some research, we got to know that the typical psychiatrist earns around $68,000 to $80,000. Therefore, we can conclude that Damon is making quite a handsome salary. 

It is said that Damon is good at his work. He treats his patient from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and System-Centered Therapy for couples. He also provides seminars and takes training for Equinox Health Clubs.

Similarly, Damon’s spouse also makes the same amount of net worth, but we believe that as he keeps on continuing his career, his net worth will keep on increasing.

Damon Bayles’s Married Life, Children, and Husband.

The private practice-psychiatrist Damon Byles is happily married to the Emmy winner Clinton Kelly. The gay couple was rumoured to be dating since 2007, but it was hard to figure out officially. 

Similarly, the couple tied the knot in 2009. The gay couple has been happily living in Connecticut since then. The couple also got married in their home in Connecticut. Damon’s husband was born in Panama City, in 1969 making him 49 years old this year The “What not to wear” star graduated in 1991 from Boston College.

Image of Damon Bayle with his wife-husband Clinton Kelly and their dog, no children

Damon Bayle with his wife-husband, Clinton Kelly

They have the advantage that they both are husbands and wife for each other. The gay couple doesn’t have any children, though. But do they regret it? Absolutely Not! They might be thinking of adopting children sometime in the future, and we won’t know about it until they do.

However, they own a cute dog named Mary, who is like their own kid. Damon is not active on social media. But, Clinton loves sharing the pictures of him and their dog Mary in the social media. 

The duo is together since 2007, counting the years they’ve dated, it is really satisfying to see how much in love they are. 

Should we move on to the next topic now?

Who is Damon Bayles’ Husband, Clinton Kelly?

Damon Bayle’s wife who the world calls husband is Clinton Kelly. Clinton is famous for the TV show “ What Not to Wear,” it’s a reality show about fashion and makeovers. He is an American fashion consultant and media personality.

Image of Fashion consultant, Clinton Kelly with his dog, no children yet

Fashion consultant, Clinton Kelly

Clinton is 50 years old this year. He started his career as a freelance writer in different fashion magazines. He has written books called I HATE EVERYONE, EXCEPT YOU, and MORE.

Quick Facts about Damon Bayles, Clinton Kelly’s husband

Name Damon Byles
Age N/A
Birthdate N/A
Birthplace America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Psychiatrist
Spouse Clinton Kelly
Net Worth Approx. $ 2 million.
Height  Average
Weight Average
Marital Status Married
Children No
Social Networking Instagram



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