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Darcy Moore Biography, Dating, Net Worth, Sister, Injury, Family

Darcy Moore is a well-known Australian footballer currently playing for Collingwood Football Club.  He is known to be a full forward/ defender who joined Collingwood in 2015 and has 20,000 followers in his Instagram account. A man full of energy is what they call him, and a young celebrity is known to follow his father’s footsteps.

Read on to get more information on his dating life his family from Darcy Moore’s biography and also his net worth and info his injury.

Who is Darcy Moore?

Darcy Moore is the son to Brownlow Medalist (1979-1984) Peter Moore; Darcy Moore is 23 years old. He is known for his fast- forward. Born in 25th January 1996, he is a kind of digital era and is a part of the millennial generation. Having been raised to follow his dreams, Darcy has been one of the bravest and courageous among his team members. Information about his mother remains classified as it is not known. He is a Collingwood football player, a role he got from his father.

Darcy Moore is known to follow in his father’s footsteps. His position in football is Key forward/ defender, a role he played best but due to his injury in high end 2018 third term finals, he was affected in performance. However, he is almost in good shape and looks forward to getting back in the field full of energy.  Darcy attended Carey Grammar school. Information on his further studies is still under review. We shall provide you with an update once details about his studies are available.

Image of Australian rules football player, Dracy Moore
Australian rules football player, Darcy Moore

Darcy Moore Net Worth. How much is Darcy Moore worth?

As young and energetic as he is, Darcy Moore’s net worth surprisingly is $1 million. Soon, the information about his salary will be available. Thanks to football as his source of earnings, he has managed to garner such a substantial net worth at a young age.

Image of Australian rules footballer, Dracy Moore net worth is $1 million
Australian rules footballer, Darcy Moore net worth, is $1 million

Is Darcy Moore Dating to Girlfriend or Single?

Handsome and young, Darcy Moore could probably be having a girlfriend or in a relationship. Darcy is not married, and the information about his relationships and girlfriends is still under review. His sexual orientation is straight, and he is not gay. He is also known to keep his life private, nothing much is present concerning his dating life. Even though it may be hard to believe that a guy with a physique and looks like Darcy Moore has no girlfriend, he might just as well be single in his dating life.

Image of Darcy Moore is currently single
Darcy Moore is currently single

Darcy Moore Family and Siblings

Peter Moore, the Father of Darcy, is popularly known for the title of being a Brownlow Medalist in 1979 and 1984. His father is an Australian with a white ethnic tribe.

Image of Darcy Moore with his father Peter Moore
Darcy Moore with his father, Peter Moore

He is known to be a Christian who holds strong religious values and beliefs. The son also decided to follow the same path. Information about his mother is still under review as much has not been heard about her. The Australian football player has a sister by the name Grace Moore; there is no further information about her sister either as it is still under review.

Darcy Moore Injury Updates, How is he now?

Moore had an accident at the highlight end of 2018 season. Moore’s defensive role in preventing scoring got him injured when he chased down to save a goal with Maverick Weller.

Due to Darcy Moore injury in 2018, the superstar performed poorly last year. This year, he is back to the game with full energy having 15.5 disposals and four marks across a fortnight of the year. Currently, the soft tissues that were injured seem to have disappeared.  Their coach is believed to be the core mentor towards their health improvement. His Instagram posts since then have been flooded with his followers wishing him a speedy recovery from his injury.

Personal Life

We may go back and forth, but it is crystal clear that from Darcy’s life he is a lover of football. He has won many awards including 22under22 team awards also nominated for the same. More prizes are still under review.

Darcy is Aquarius a Zodiac sign. People with these signs are believed to be fun with friends, help others, good listeners, independent, original, and they have weaknesses such as emotional expression, temperamental, and uncompromising. Darcy is believed, therefore, to have such characters. He is famous for playing with Collingwood Football club and best known for being Australian Rules Footballer as a Key forward/ defender.

Darcy Moore Age, Birth Name, Wiki, Bio

Birth Name Darcy Moore
Age 23years
Place of Birth Unknown
Profession Australian Rules Footballer
Horoscope sign Aquarius
Height 6 feet 8 inches or 203cm
Weight 102kg
Net worth $ 1 million
Alma mater Unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye Color Unknown
Relationship Status Unmarried
Death-O-meter Alive


As energetic and enthusiastic as he is, Darcy Moore is married to no wife nor has a girlfriend. He is among the youngest millionaires with a net worth of $1 million. The 23-year-old is an Australian who was born with a passion for football. He is yet to take any children in his life.


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