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Dave Chappelle and wife Elaine Chappelle Lifestyle, Kids, Net Worth, Bio, Career and Family

Image of Dave and Elaine Chappelle Lifestyle, Bio, Career and Family

Dave Chappelle was born in Washington DC, the USA on August 24, 1973. He is a 44-year-old Afro American and a quite interesting guy because of his comedian career. The successful actor was born to William David III and Yvonne Chappelle and grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland. Woodlin Elementary School formed part of his early education and proceeded to Washington’s Duke Ellington School of Arts. While there, he pursued theatre arts and graduated in 1991. Quite the right age for the beginning of his career. That’s enough on his bio. Let’s move on to the family.
The Arts Graduate and actor is a husband of one wife Elaine Chappelle; a father of three kids, and he has two elder siblings. He was raised as a Christian, but later to Islam in 1998 and has lived a Muslim lifestyle ever since.

Dave Chappelle wife, Elaine Chappelle

Elaine Mendoza Erfe popularly known as Elaine Chappelle was born on August 31, 1974, in Brooklyn, New York. She was brought up by her Filipino parents who emigrated to the USA. She was living a reserved life without much publicity before she met her husband. Before their marriage, she was not comfortable going out with him. Find why and more on their lifestyle, net worth, age, family and wiki bio here.

She married Dave Chapelle in 2001, and since then she became a housewife. Part of her job description as a wife includes managing the properties that her husband has acquired all over the state of Ohio. Elaine is 44 years old and a mother of two sons and one daughter.

Talking about her lifestyle, the mother of three wasn’t comfortable at first with dating a celebrity because she did not love the idea of hanging out with her life under a fame microscope. Looking into her bio, she wanted to become a chef, but she later changed her mind.

Dave Chappelle and Elaine Chappelle kids

Dave and Elaine have three kids together. The sons are Suleyman – the firstborn, and Ibrahim – the second born. Their daughter is called Sonal and is the youngest. Not much is known about their kids because they are still young.

Dave Chappelle walking around with wife and children
Caption: Dave Chappelle with his wife, Elaine Chappelle, and kids

Dave Chappelle Net Worth, Movies, and Age

Dave had earned some reasonable amount of money ever since he started his acting career. This value is evident by the properties that he has acquired in Ohio State. The actor began performing in the renowned Apollo Theater, but his debut was not well received. In fact, when he appeared in the theatre for the first time, he was booed. However, out of his determination, he made his movie debut in “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” as Ahchoo. Later on, he appeared in “Home Improvement” and “Hurray” which helped improve his lifestyle. In 1996 he got a role in the infamous “The Nutty Professor” blockbuster film together with Eddy Murphy.

Moreover, he has also starred in other films like Undercover Brother, Half Baked, Screwed, and Blue Streak. Those are but a few of the movies that he has appeared in during his career. He is famous for comedies like the Chappelle’s Show that aired on Comedy Central between 2003 and 2006. Some of the lucrative deals that he has struck include a $55 million contract from Viacom. He is one of the outstanding iconic figures of comedy, not to mention his successful career. Dave Chappelle has a net worth of a whopping $42 million which he has amassed through acting. This value is out of the different shows and endorsements that he gets from time to time.

Image of Dave Chappelle net worth is $42 million
Dave Chappelle has an unbelievable net worth of $42 million

In Hollywood, he played supporting role in movies like “Getting In” in 1994. Most surprising is his appearance as a guest star in ABC’s “Home Improvement” in 1995. Others include Chi-Raq 2015, Bowl of Pork, Forrest Gump, You’ve Got Mail in 1998, and Blue Streak 1999.

His prowess in acting has landed him handsome roles in films that he has acted. The actor has also won several awards in addition to nominations throughout his age. He won the coveted Best Comedy Album Grammy Award in 2017. Furthermore, he also won the Primetime Emmy Award for playing the role of the Outstanding Guest Actor.

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