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Roadkill’s David Freiburger Wife, Net Worth, Salary, Married, Family, Cars

Image of David Freiburger Wiki-bio, Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Married, Family

David Freiburger is one of the famous TV personalities in the United States of America with a very high net worth. He is widely acclaimed in the automobile industry. The married chief Editor of the automobile program “Hot Rod Garage” has owned more than one hundred cars in his life. His passion for cars cannot be explained any better than by his own words, “To me, the allure of cars is hunting for them and getting to know them and then doing things in them.”

David Freiburger attributes his love for cars to his father who he says introduced him to cars and entertainment industry. David Freiburger is currently serving as the VP and brand director of Hot Rod Magazine.

Learn more about Roadkill’s David Freiburger net worth and salary. Also, details about David Freiburger’s wife is exposed in this article.

Wiki-Bio: How old is David Freiburger?

His birthdate is 21st August 1946. TV personality, David Freiburger was born in the United States of America. He is currently 72 years old. David Freiburger is of white ethnicity, and his birth sign is Leo.

The names of his parents have remained unknown to the public. Even though he talks of having been introduced to cars by his father, he has kept his name a great secret. He has not been heard talking about his mother, and neither is there any record of her. There is also no information on whether he has siblings or not.

Concerning his house, there is hardly any information. All that is in the public domain is the fact that the headquarters of his business, Content Strategy Automotive, is in Anaheim, California in the United States of America.

Only scanty details are available about his early life. The Motor Trend Power List personality explains that his great interest and love for cars started when he helped his father change the rod bearings on the Flathead. In an article that he published on Hot Rod Network on 26th July 2018, the automobile lover pays great tribute to his father. In the article that goes by the title “Where I Began – A tribute to My Father,” he vividly describes the great moments that he used to have with his father in his early days.

His father is said to have run a commercial production company in Hollywood. As a kid, David was exposed to a lot of racing. This he mostly did together with some clients of his father who included Plymouth, Goodyear, and Pontiac.

Moreover, the Chief Editor of 2014 popular automobile program by the name Hot Rod Garage talks fondly about his experience helping his father change water pumps. Other memorable events that he captures in the article is the vacation tour that their father took the entire family. This was back in 1977 when his father had just bought a Vintage Jaguar.

His father mainly involved himself in mechanical works as well as hosting automobile shows. This he did for 40 years since he did not have a regular job as David Freiburger records. One other thing that he records is how his father used to drive him and his friends for lunch in a 12-year-old ’53 Mercedes 300S Cabriolet. This used to be such a fantastic moment for David Freiburger.

Image of David Freiburger from Roadkill show
David Freiburger from Roadkill show

The host of Roadkill show has written a very useful automobile handbook Hot Rod Horsepower Handbook.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

His exact weight and height are still not recorded. However, in comparison to his colleague Mike Finnegan, he is shorter. His body is of the metamorphic structure.

David Freiburger Married to Wife. Any Children?

Although he has kept information about his family and relationships in the shadows, David Freiburger is married. He seemingly has a close-knit relationship with his family. This is evident by his tweet on 25th December 2010 on his tweet handle. He tweeted that he has dropped his family off at the airport and he embarked on eight days of house repair.

The name of his wife remains his highly guarded secret. There is also no information concerning the couple’s children.

David Freiburger Net Worth and Salary

He has multiple sources of income which have helped to boost his net worth. Currently, he is the host of Roadkill TV show. He hosts the issue together with Mike Finnegan. He is also the VP and Brand Director of Hot Rod Magazine. Before then, he had been the chief editor of the same magazine for 11 years. All these positions have summoned huge revenue for him. According to Payson, the average annual earning of staff at Hot Rod Magazine is $81,456.

Image of David Freiburger net worth is not available
Roadkill cast, David Freiburger net worth is not available

In late 2010, he also started his own YouTube channel. The channel contains YouTube videos on automobile content. He tackles topics ranging from automobile modification to speed test. Currently, his YouTube channel has more than 22,000 subscribers. This is also another channel that he uses to generate money.

David Freiburger Cars

In 2017, David Freiburger was listed in the Motor Trend Power List for his impact in the motor industry. When it comes to owning or having owned cars, he is in a class of his own. He has been the owner of over a hundred different cars of different models. The list below shows some of the cars that he has owned although it is not comprehensive

Image of David Freiburger with his car
David Freiburger with his car

’68 AMC Javelin
’75 AMC Gremlin

’59 Buick Invicta wagon
’63 Buick Riviera
’66 Buick Skylark convertible from the movie
’66 Buick Special convertible from Péwé
’65 Buick Special wagon
’70 Buick GS455
’72 Buick Electra sticker car

’51 Chevy Fleetline
’56 Chevy 210
’57 Chevy 210 Wagon
’62 Chevy Biscayne
’65 Chevy C20
’65 Chevy Chevelle four-door
’65 Chevy Biscayne
’66 Chevy Chevelle four-door
’67 Chevy Camaro blue
’67 Chevy Impala fastback
’67 Chevy Impala convertible
’67 Chevy Biscayne
’67 Chevy Nova
’67 Chevy Crusher Camaro
’67 Chevy C10 long bed
’68 Chevy Suburban orange
’69 Chevy K20 utility bed
’70 Chevy C30 cab (Wannamaker)
’70 Chevy Nova brown
’70 Chevy K20
’71 Chevy Kingswood wagon
’72 Chevy C10
’72 Chevy K10
’72 Chevy El Camino
’72 Chevy Carryall
’72 Chevy Nova white
’73 Chevy Camaro F-Bomb
’74 Chevy C10 Muscle Truck
’73 Chevy C20 454
’74 Chevy Malibu four-door
’76 Chevy Ambulance
’77 Chevy K10
’77 Chevy Nova four-door
’77 Chevy Disco Nova
’78 Chevy Suburban
’79 Chevy Camaro Z28
’82 Chevy Camaro Z28
’82 Chevy K30 crew cab dually
’84 Chevy Camaro RS parts car
’94 Chevy Caprice 9C1
’99 Chevy 3500 crew cab

’68 Chrysler Imperial parts car
’68 Chrysler Town & Country wagon

’52 Dodge Wayfarer
’55 Dodge Royal Lancer
’64 Dodge 440
’64 Dodge Dart convertible
’65 Dodge D100
’68 Dodge Dart Cheap Thrills
’68 Dodge Dart from Dulcich
’68 Dodge Charger General Mayhem
’68 Dodge Charger roller
’69 Dodge Charger roller
’69 Dodge Dart convertible
’70 Dodge Super Bee Rumble Bee
’70 Dodge Super Bee movie
’70 Dodge Coronet 500 movie
’70 Dodge Challenger (at Dulcich’s)
’72 Dodge Charger
’72 Dodge A100
’75 Dodge Ramcharger
’99 Dodge Ram 2500

’29 Ford Model AA
’29 Ford roadster pickup
’32 Ford Tudor
’32 Ford glass roadster
’32 Ford five-window race car
’37 Ford Tudor
’40 Ford Fordor
’48 Ford Tudor
’64 Ford Custom
’65 Ford Ranchero
’65 Ford Falcon sedan
’65 Ford F-250 4×4
’66 Ford F-100
’67 Ford Fairlane wagon
’68 Ford Mustang
’69 Ford Mustang Mach 1
’71 Ford Pinto
’72 Ford F-100
’73 Ford Pinto Mini Stock
’73 Ford Pinto
’75 Ford F100 4×4
’77 Ford Bronco
’78 Ford F100
’78 Ford Bronco
’79 Ford Bronco
’86 Ford Mustang
’88 Ford Ranger
’91 Ford Mustang 5.0
’01 Ford Mustang Bullitt

’88 GMC Safari van
’73 GMC Suburban Sierra Grande

’72 Honda CB450K

’67 Jeep J100 Panel Delivery

’68 Jeep Jeepster Commando
’68 Jeep CJ-6
’68 Jeep Kaiser M715 (twice)
’68 Jeep Wagoneer

’69 Jeep Wagoneer
’72 Jeep Commando
’73 Jeep J10
’77 Jeep CJ-7
’81 Jeep Scrambler
’95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Orvis
’98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
’01 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
’02 Jeep Wrangler
’13 Jeep Wrangler

’65 Mercury Comet 404
’67 Mercury Cougar

’66 Plymouth Satellite
’68 Plymouth Valiant
’69 Plymouth Satellite
’70 Plymouth Belvedere
’70 Plymouth Duster orange 360/four-speed
’70 Plymouth Duster 340 parts car
’70 Plymouth Duster Crop Duster
’71 Plymouth Duster 340 Hemi orange
’71 Plymouth Road Runner 440+6
’71 Plymouth Road Runner 383
’72 Plymouth Road Runner
’72 Plymouth Duster, primer
’72 Plymouth Satellite (brown)
’72 Plymouth Satellite Regent wagon
’73 Plymouth Fury III


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