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Dean Fleischer Camp’s Married Life & Children with Ex-Wife Jenny Slate

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  • February 27, 2023February 27, 2023
Image of Dean Fleischer Camp wiki biography; net worth and children of Jenny Slate husband

Dean Fleischer, an American film editor, and director came to fame following his partnership with Jenny Slate. This partnership later turned into love and, eventually, marriage. Which just boosted his popularity, Dean’s most notable work in his career is considered his partnered work with wife Jenny Slate in Marcel the Shell Shoes On of 2011.

Dean works in the film industry, and his popularity increased, being associated with a more prominent personality. But, a lot about him is unknown due to his work behind the camera. To know more about Jenny Slate’s ex-husband Dean Fleischer, keep reading.

Who is Dean Fleischer?

Dean Fleischer is one of the three sons to Sydney Fleischer and Dr.Norman ‘Mike‘ Camp. Yes, Dean has two brothers, namely, Lee and Marshall. The family of five used to live in Richmond, Virginia, but the sons later moved to New York for Higher Education.

Fleischer is a New York University Graduate, and he was born on 1st March 1982. Currently, Dean is 37 years of age. There are only speculations about his primary and secondary education about Dean attending a local high school. But about his now divorced wife, Jenny Slate, she graduated high school from Milton Academy. After high school, she attended Columbia University. Jenny was born on March 25, 1982, which makes her just 24 days younger to her ex-husband Dean.

Dean Fleischer Career

Jenny Slate is involved in Dean Fleischer’s career’s first-ever mark, Marcel the Shell Shoes On, which was made in 2011.  Prior to this partnered project, Dean had worked on several short movies and other projects. A lot of which were from his college, but none proved to be successful enough to leave a mark.

Image of American film editor, Dean Fleischer

American film editor, Dean Fleischer

But, Marcel the Shell Shoes On, is a project which established Dean in the field. He also worked on a sequel of the animation, Marcell the Shell Shoes On Three, in the year 2014. Aside from this successful project, Dean’s other successful project would be Catherine, a short-movie-series made in the year 2013.

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But his ex-wife, on the other hand, has had many successful stints. Jenny was in Saturday Night Live from 2009-2010; also, she has appeared in many shows and feature films. One of the movies which peoples will recognize right away would be Secret Life of Pets, which also stars Jenny Slate as a voice actor.

Dean Fleischer and Jenny Slate’s Married Life & Children

Jenny and Dean met for the first time in the year 2011. The voice actor/comedian and the budding director partnered to work in the animated film Marcel the Shell Shoe On. While they met on the set where they had no romance, it slowly budded as they started spending time together working for the movie.

A year later, in 2012, Jenny and Dean got married on 15 September. Just a single year after meeting and nearly about eight months of dating and they got married because they found their happiness in each other. This marriage brought Dean to spotlight for some time, and his works got more recognized as well, especially after the success of Marcel the Shell Shoe On.

Image of Dean Fleischer with his ex-wife Jenny Slate

Dean Fleischer with his ex-wife Jenny Slate

But, after some time, Dean was no longer the hot topic as there are many exciting happening in Hollywood every day. Fleischer and Slate looked happy together, but slowly, as time passed on, they had started to drift apart. Jenny and Dean hadn’t worked on any other project together after their first one. Their job in different parts of the same industry also caused it, but they grew apart.

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There was no external factor or shocking news; they just separated due to the incompatibility of time as they drifted apart. In May of the year, Dean and Jenny got divorced. While Dean is still single following his divorce in 2016, Jenny dated Chris Evans for an unknown time and broke up in 2018. Currently, Jenny Slate is engaged to Ben Shattuck, an artist/art curator in Los Angeles.

Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer Children

Dean and Jenny were together for nearly five years, four of which they were married. But throughout all that period, they never had a child together. Both were completely focused and immersed in their careers to the point that their marriage ended.

So, Jenny and Dean never had children, and with them now divorced, having children is not even a topic. Dean is currently single, and there is no news about him having a child from any of his previous relations, either.

Dean Fleischer Net Worth and Income

With a few successful works and his full-time job as an editor and director, Dean is bound to have accumulated a fortune. It will be no surprise if his net worth is in six figures or towards the lower seven figures. But what are his actual net worth and income? Well, find out below.

From his job as a film editor and director, Dean makes about $100k to $120k yearly. With such a vast income, he has a net worth reflecting it. Dean Fleischer’s net worth is $1.5 million. Fleischer’s ex-wife, Jenny, on the other hand, has a staggering $5 million as her net worth.

Both Dean and Jenny are successful in their careers. But, Dean is currently only focused in his career and thus is staying single.

Quick Facts about Dean Fleischer

Name Dean Fleischer
Date of Birth March 1, 1982
Profession Flim Editor and director
Relationship Status Single
Spouse(s) Ex-Wife Jenny Slate
Children None
Net worth $1.5 million
Height 1.8m (5ft 10 inches)
Zodiac sign Pisces


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