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Donna Marie Lombardi Wiki, Husband, Married, Children, Net Worth, Surgery, Family

Donna Lombardi is one of the cast members of the ‘Black Ink Crew.’ Her life has had its fair share of controversies. Donna is a jack of so many trades. It is due to Donna’s aggression that she has managed to excel in her career. Her rise to fame was majorly catapulted by her entry to the VH1 series.

Since then, it has been a story of one success after the other. In spite of all the successes, Donna Lombardi has still maintained her humble stature over the years. She is always willing to accept new ideas. For a lady as young as she is, it is only fair to say that a bright future lies ahead of her.

Learn more about Donna Lombardi married life with husband, children, net worth, wiki, family, and Black Ink Crew career.

Donna Lombardi Married To Husband And Have Children?

Donna Lombardi is the wife of Maxwell. The wedding ceremony was conducted in the prisons. A while ago, Donna used to post pictures of her husband on Instagram. The two always seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. Donna began dating Maxwell in 2015. Even before their dramatic marriage in prison, she was already referring to him as ‘husband.’ Their marriage came as a surprise to the public.

They had never talked about any such plans. It was on the 27th June 2016 that one of the ardent Twitter users congratulated the two lovebirds for their successful wedding ceremony. And just like that, they had become husband and wife. It is said that Donna was in a loose relationship with a guy called Teddy before she started seeing Maxwell. It was an on and off kind of dating. Funnily, her marriage with Maxwell did not last long enough. The two soon split ways. At the moment, Donna Lombardi has found a new guy.

Image of Donna Lombardi with her husband Maxwell

Donna Lombardi with her husband, Maxwell

The events preceding Donna’s breakup with Maxwell were rather unfortunate. Maxwell had allegedly threatened physical violence on her for seeing Mo. Donna shared her ordeal with her fellow crew members, and they were of the idea that Donna should continue dating Mo. Besides the drama, Donna suffered an ugly miscarriage that left her under serious mental stress. Her fallopian tubes had to be removed to save her life. Donna felt so defeated.

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However, Mo was always there to give her all the support that she needed. He kept urging her to be strong and that everything would soon be alright. Mo believed that Donna would somehow still manage to have children shortly.

Donna Lombardi Net Worth, Salary, Black Ink Crew

Over the years, Donna Lombardi has built a career as a tattoo artist, cosmetologist, and a piercer. Since 2015, Donna has been earning a huge chunk of her income from the Black Ink Crew. It was Ceasar Emanuel who introduced her to the crew. She joined in as Emanuel’s apprentice.

Moreover, Donna is a reality tv star. At the moment, Donna is yet to command a substantial net worth. Her career is still at its budding stages.

Image of Donna Lombardi net worth is not available

Donna Lombardi net worth from Black Ink Crew is not available

How old is Donna Lombardi? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Born on the 20th of September 1982, Donna Lombardi is currently 26 years old. Her birthday is on the 20th of September every year. Being the private person that she is, Donna never hypes her birthday celebrations.

Donna Lombardi Teeth, Surgery

Donna Lombardi had to undergo surgery to save her life from the deadly ectopic pregnancy. The egg had attached itself on the fallopian tubes, and they had to be removed to avoid further complications. Part of her uterus also had to be removed. The experience left Donna in total shock and depression.

Donna Lombardi Wiki, Bio

Donna has been very reluctant in revealing who her parents are. All the same, she is a very close friend of her mother. She has gone ahead to post a picture of her and the mother on Instagram. It was a selfie.

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