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Dr. Michelle Oakley Wikipedia, Husband, Married, Net Worth, Salary, Birthday, Family

Image of Dr. Michelle Oakley Wikipedia, Bio, Husband, Married, Birthday, Family, Net Worth, Salary

Of all the veterinary doctors in the world, Dr. Michelle is the one who handles all kinds of animals. Her clinic is situated at the villages of Haines Junction. This particular clinic is found in Michelle’s home compound. She shares the house with her husband and three of his brothers.

The essence of this article is to elaborate on some of the vital details about Michelle Oakley; her date of birth and consequently her age, net worth, relationship life and what she has been up to lately.

Dr. Michelle Oakley Married Life With Husband, And Children

At the moment, Dr. Michelle Oakley is married to her husband, Shane Oakley. Shane has three brothers with whom he puts up in his marital home. Michelle met Oakley during her days as a student in Michigan. Oakley used to call her the Squirrel Girl. It did not take so long before the two fell in love with each other. They eventually tied the knot.

Image of Dr. Michelle Oakley with her husband Shane Oakley and her daughter
Dr. Michelle Oakley with her husband, Shane Oakley and her daughter

Over the years, the marriage has been blessed with three daughters. They are Sierra, Maya, and Willow. The life of Michelle and her husband is a very demanding one. They rarely have time away from their careers. It is for this reason that they insist on using any slight break to spend some quality time with their family. Michelle’s daughters seem to have developed a great interest in animals and often accompany their mother to take care of the animals.

With the homeschooling that Willow has been subjected, she has all the time to accompany her mum to almost all her errands. When they were younger, the three girls could copy directly whatever their mother did. However, Michelle has over the time taught them how to be creative and independent.

Dr. Michelle Oakley Net Worth, Salary, Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet

As a vet, Dr. Oakley treats animals of all types in Canada. The city in which Dr. Michelle operates may be having less than 600 people. However, this does not in any way stop her from making some good money for herself. Over the years she has managed to assert her professional personality in the area and consequently dominated it.

Moreover, Dr. Michelle spends some time at the White Horse. Michelle also makes house calls, and this makes her operations long and winding. Dr. Michelle has a television reality show dubbed, Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet, on Nat Geo Wild, where she earns about $15,000 as salary per episode.

From the available estimates, Dr. Michelle Oakley has a net worth of about $700,000. The program which Dr. Michelle runs on the Nat Geo Wild has over the time built her name and thus the market.

Image of Dr. Michelle Oakley net worth is $700,000
Dr. Michelle Oakley net worth is $700,000

How Old Is Dr. Michelle Oakley? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Dr. Michelle Oakley is a public figure. She was born in September 1969. She is therefore 48 years old at the moment. Michelle celebrates her birth day in September every year. The exact day of Michelle birthdate is yet to be known.

Wikipedia, Bio, Family

Dr. Michelle Oakley was enrolled in Munster High School where she graduated in 1987. From here, she proceeds with her studies at the University of Michigan and finally graduated with a degree in Zoology. Dr. Michelle also a has a degree from the University of Prince Edward Island. After her graduation, Dr. Michelle served as a wildlife biologist for eight years.

Michelle was born in Munster, Indiana, United States of America. She is the daughter of Steve Plantinga and Georgia Plantinga. She is of white ethnicity. Michelle has one brother for a sibling. It is during Michelle’s growth at Munster that she developed a very strong liking for animals. Her uncle’s farm exposed her to most of the large animals.

What Is Dr. Michelle Oakley Doing Now?

At the moment, Dr. Michelle Oakley focuses on her veterinary career. She has a clinic at the villages of Haines Junction. Moreover, Michelle runs a television reality show. During her free days, Michelle spends time with her family members.


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