Dr Simone Whitmore Wiki/Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Married, Divorce, Father

Dr Simone Whitmore is part of the Married to Medicine cast. This article reveals the other side of this celeb’s life away from her career.

Get to know how she was victimized by divorce yet made it. As a married woman see her relationship with her husband. Detailed information about her father, her net worth and wiki-bio are availed for you also.


Dr Simone Whitmore was born on February 23, 1967. She is 62 years old as of 2019. She was born and brought up in Nashville, Tennessee. When she was still unborn, her father and mother divorced. Dr Simone Whitmore was left under the care of her mother alone as she grew up.

Simone Whitmore was a hard-working and bright student. She enrolled at Spelman College where she graduated with a degree in Biology, specializing in Pre-Medicine.

She later joined East Tennessee State University where she earned her doctorate. After that, she finished her residency at Boston Medical Center and became a certified OBGYN in 1999.


Dr Simone Whitmore’s career is outspoken. She is an obstetrician-gynecologist in Duluth, Georgia. She is also attached to other multiple hospitals in that locality. Some of these include famous Northside Hospital and Northside Hospital-Forsyth.

Image of Dr. Simone Whitmore from Married to Medicine show

Dr Simone Whitmore from Married to Medicine show

She also pursues a career as a television personality. She is a cast member on the most loved Bravo reality show Married to Medicine.

The common thing that identifies them is that they are either doctors or are married to doctors. This has earned her fame and huge net worth.

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Dr Simone Whitmore is a distinguished speaker on women’s health issues. Since 2004, she has owned the North Perimeter OBGYN as a solo practitioner. She is also a certified member of the American College of OBGYN and the American Board of OBGYN.

Together with her husband, they have started an application start-up company named KIDZ FORCE. The application aims at helping kids earn money by doing chores and rise as young entrepreneurs.

Dr Simone Whitmore Net Worth

Dr Simone Whitmore’s net worth is estimated to be standing at $3.5 million. She has accumulated this kind of net worth from the Married to Medicine show.

Image of Actor, Dr. Simone Whitmore net worth is $3.5 million

Married to Medicine cast Dr Simone Whitmore net worth is $3.5 million

Being one of the cast members, Dr Simone gets a monthly income of at least $100,000.

The KIDZ FORCE project is also another major contribution to her wealth.

Her lavish Atlanta home is among the major assets that boost her net worth high.

Dr Simone Whitmore Husband, Divorce, Married

Dr Simone Whitmore is happily married to her husband, Cecil Whitmore. The couple met while Simone Whitmore was still in college at Spelman. Their love graduated into marriage. The two have been married for over 21 years without any breakup or divorce.

They are proud parents of two lovely boys. The firstborn is named Miles; he is 19 years. Their second born is Michael, and he is 15 years old.

During her free time, the celeb loves to travel. She also enjoys having an intimate time with her two boys and her husband.

Image of Dr. Simone Whitmore with her husband Cecil Whitmore and with their kids

Dr Simone Whitmore with her husband, Cecil Whitmore and with their kids

The saying ‘marriage is not a bed of roses’ is very true. Despite the love between this couple, their 21st marriage anniversary seemed almost their last. This was after Dr Simone Whitmore broke the news of her plan to divorce her husband. She did this in the show Married to Medicine season 5 reunion.

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It was unbelievable. Her fellow cast members of Married to Medicine tried their best talking the couple to work things out. Luckily, their efforts succeeded. The couple agreed to recommit themselves to their marriage at the edge of divorce.

Currently, they are doing extremely well; their married life is back on track. They recently celebrated their 22nd marriage anniversary.

Dr Simone Whitmore Father. Her Father Death Rumors

Dr Simone Whitmore’s father was called Frank T. Baxter, Jr. His exact residence was not known. On April 2, 2016, a report about him was issued by the 92 Q Nashville.

It indicated that Frank T. Baxter, Jr. had been seen near Herman Street in Nashville. He was spotted there in the period between late January and early February 2016.

WSMTV reported that Baxter, a homeless man, was found dead On April 13, 2016. His body lay before a fireplace in an unoccupied house. It was discovered by the house’s trustee at 2225 Herman Street in Nashville.

His ID was found at the scene, and this is what identified him. His death was announced by WSMTV. The cause of Dr Simone Whitmore death has remained a mystery to date.

He was 70years of age at the time of his death. A memorial service was conducted for him on May 6, 2016.

Previously, the celeb had disclosed that her father was alcoholic way before he married. He had also tasted a jail sentence.

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