Meet John Cena’s ex-wife: Elizabeth Huberdeau Wiki-bio, Net Worth, Married, Children, Salary, and Career.

Elizabeth Huberdeau is a renowned real estate developer as well as a businesswoman. She gained her fame after falling in love with the infamous WWE icon John Cena. Her former husband is known the world over because he plays a sport that has galore fans globally, and its viewership is humongous. Elizabeth rose to fame when she got married to Cena for three years, but unfortunately, they later fell out, and he filed for divorce. She was called Liz Cena when she was married to him, and previously she also worked as a model. Learn about John Cena’s ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau’s wiki-bio and married details. Also find out about Elizabeth Huberdeau’s net worth, children, career, and salary.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Wiki bio

Elizabeth Huberdeau, ex-wife of John Cena was born on September 28, 1979, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA. She is of white ethnicity, and she has American nationality. It cannot be established where she went for her primary and secondary school education, but she enrolled in Springfield College in Massachusetts. Her family and siblings are not known, but she and John Cena are known to be high school sweethearts. The duo schooled together and fell for each other. Currently, she lives in Florida after divorcing John Cena.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Married Life, ex-husband John Cena

Elizabeth and her former husband John Cena schooled together, and their love began when they were still in high school. After becoming an item, the duo nurtured their love until they later decided to get married in 2009. Due to his fame in WWE, he had already become a celebrity when he announced about their marriage with Elizabeth.

He was promoting his 12 Rounds film when he broke that news. They later tied the knot on July 11, 2009, in Boston, Massachusetts. From then onwards, he christened her Liz Cena. However, they did not last for long because John Cena later filed for divorce after three years – on May 2012.

Image of Elizabeth Huberdeau ex-husband John Cena

Elizabeth Huberdeau ex-husband, John Cena with Nikki Bella

The divorce procedure was done very fast, and she had tried to challenge it, but they later resolved the case amicably out of court. After two months, the duo finalized their divorce, and they went their separate ways. The main cause of their issues is not known, but she said that perhaps Cena cheated on her, but she had no proof. Some other sources claimed that they fell out due to differing in opinions when remodeling their house.

There were many disagreements between them that led to frequent quarrels and when Cena could take no more of if it, he filed for divorce. Elizabeth had not sired any children in her 3-year marriage because Cena was not ready to become a father. After falling out and divorcing John Cena, she is now dating Eli Ayoub

Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth, Salary, and Age

After divorcing John Cena, Elizabeth relocated to Florida where she does real estate business. Previously she was working as a model before she got married to him. Nowadays she buys land, develops properties and later sells them. She also buys land and later resells it: not to mention that she also buys properties renovates and later resells them. Some sources have it that she gets an annual salary of $77,357, but her net worth is not known. If she was still together with her former husband, she could have been very far, and her net worth could have been very high.

Image of Elizabeth Huberdeau net worth is not available

Elizabeth Huberdeau net worth is not available

Were it not for her relationship with her former boyfriend cum husband; she could not have been popular. Currently, Elizabeth is 39 years old, but she is still beautiful. She was unfortunate because she divorced a well-monied guy and she is also a bit advanced in years. Therefore, she could not have gone back to modeling because she is past the recommended modeling age.

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