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Emma Sugiyama Wiki-Biography: Net Worth and Children of Trey Parker’s Wife

Emma Sugiyama is a former celebrity’s wife who rose to fame because of her former husband Trey Parker an American animator, actor and director. We discuss more in this article regarding her children, divorce, source of income and her net worth.

Who is Emma Sugiyama? Wiki, Bio

Born on October 9th, 1970, Emma is now 49 years old, although as it may seem, she does not seem forty! Her beauty is described by 5 feet height, a fair complexion, black eyes, and natural black hair. Although her looks may suggest, she is a little younger. She was born in Yokohama, Japan and therefore she holds a Japanese nationality and an Asian ethnic group. Information about her family, including her dad, mom, siblings are not yet available on media.

Emma Sugiyama educational background, including her school and college life, is also not yet available in the media. She was married to the famous Trey Parker, a multi-millionaire but later divorced. She is now a socialite due to the famous Trey Parker.

What is Emma Sugiyama Net Worth?

Emma Sugiyama is known to be silent on information concerning her life, and it appears online do not reveal much about her profession. However, all we know is that she was married to a multi-million dollar man Trey Parker whose annual salary is nearly $19 million. Trey Parker is a famous actor, director and he is not only among the most talented personalities but also known to be among the richest celebrities.

Image of Emma Sugiyama husband Trey Parker’s net worth is $500 million

Emma Sugiyama husband Trey Parker’s net worth is $500 million

Trey Parker’s net worth is $500 million. Being his wife at one point, Emma Sugiyama could have received her share from the divorce, including a good amount of money as alimony. She is also a socialite, and maybe she might be getting more income from it.

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Emma Sugiyama Husband, Married, Divorce reason, Children

Emma is divorced. She was once married to her husband Trey Parker. The two got married in 2006 after a very romantic relationship. However, their relationship did not last for long because of so many differences among them; they settled for divorce in 2008, two years after their marriage.

Image of Emma Sugiyama with her ex-husband Trey Parker

Emma Sugiyama with her ex-husband Trey Parker

Emma did not get any children with Trey Parker. Trey later moved on and started dating Boogie Tillmon whom he later married in 2014. The relationship between Trey Parker and Boogie Tillmon went well for some time, and they even got a baby girl and named her, Betty Boogie Parker.

Image of Trey Parker with his current wife Boogie Tillmon

Trey Parker with his current wife, Boogie Tillmon

This relationship, however, did not last for long and they later ended their marriage in 2019 due to inconsiderable differences. After the divorce with Boogie, Trey tried to seek joint child custody of their daughter. After his divorce from Emma, there has been no information regarding her relationship status, and she has been known to be single. She did not consider the divorce lightly, and she did not find it easy to handle. She is, however, known to be happy, and we hope she finds her perfect match soon.

Who is Emma Sugiyama’s Ex-husband, Trey Parker?

Trey Parker was born on October 19, 1969, as Randolph Severn Parker III. He is now 49 years of age. Parker is a well-known talented animator, actor, director and composer. He is known for his amazing talents, and due to this, he has been able to accumulate a lot of wealth. He is also known to be among the richest celebrities in America.

Image of American animator, Trey Parker

American animator, Trey Parker

Trey has been known for co-creating Sitcom, South Park. Emma Sugiyama’s ex-husband, Trey is also known to receive awards including Emmy, Tonny Awards and Grammy awards. He works alongside Matt Stone. He does his work well and often appears amateurish for the sake of comedy, a cut-out style animation in South Park. Trey is also seen as bad puppetry intentionally in Team America. From his talents, Trey has managed to accumulate wealth worth $500 million.

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His live-action in movies is often intentional bad acting. He has undergone two divorces including the one with Emma Sugiyama and the one with Boogie. He has one daughter named Betty Boogie Parker, and he is seeking joint custody after his divorce with Boogie.

Quick Facts about Emma Sugiyama

Birth Name Emma Sugiyama
Age 49 years
Place of Birth Yokohama, Japan
Nationality Japanese-American
Profession Socialite
Horoscope sign Scorpio
Height 5 feet/ 152cm
Weight Unknown
Net worth Unknown
Build Petite
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Black
Alma mater Unknown
Relationship Status Divorced
Death-O-meter Alive

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