Era Istrefi Net Worth in 2018. Know her Family, Real Name, wiki-bio facts.

Era is a modern day singer who has sold millions of copies of his top-selling songs.  Many people do not know much about this amazing vocalist, and in this review, we are going to reveal some interesting facts about him including her net worth, the source of income, parents, siblings, relationship and so much more. Stay on this page to know more about Istrefi.

Era Istrefi source of income and how Era Istrefi makes her money

Era is of Albanian descent, she is blonde, and many people normally call her Eastern European Rihanna. She became famous in 2016 when she released her debut titled bonbon which got more than 500 million views on her YouTube. She published her first song when she was 19. When her song bonbon became a global success, big record labels came running for her, and Ultra Music and Sony Music later signed after her song became successful.

Era Istrefi won best female awards

Caption: Award-winning singer Era Istrefi won best female artist of the year

In February 2017, she released another song called Redrun featuring the megastar Felix Snow. Many teenagers were awed by the music videos.  She proved to people that apart from being sexy, she can look gorgeous as well. In September 2017, she did another song called No I Love Yours which featured French Montana.

She got her singing gift from her mother who is a famous Albanian singer. Also, her older sister is a popular artist, but Nora began her career in 2005 at the age of 18. She says her role model is Rihanna, even though many people have likened her to Riri.

Nora is a big fan of Kanye West, and she says she loves to listen to his songs because they are empowering. She loves psychology books as well.  She loves it when her fans sing along to her music and understand what she means in her lyrics. One thing is certain that, she will continue to release new hits every year.

Era Istrefi net worth over the last three years

2018 2.7 million dollars
2017 2 million dollars
2016 1.2 million dollars


Era Istrefi Actual actual name

Era’s real name is Era Istrefi.  She uses her official name as her stage name.  However, it still sounds like a nickname because it is not an American name but an Albanian name.  Era Istrefi’s real name is Era Istrefi.

Era Istrefi performing in concert

Caption: Source of Income for Era Istrefi is her music career

Era Istrefi place of birth and age

Era was born on 4th July 1994 in Pristina, which is the capital city of Kosovo.

Era Istrefi relationship status

Era Istrefi is currently not in any relationship and is not yet married. It was reported that she was in a relationship with her manager Faton Shoshi. However, neither Shoshi nor the singer has come out to confirm the rumor. Yet, it can be confirmed that the two are no longer working together as a team. At the moment, she seems to be more focused on her music career and not her personal affairs. Well, she may be looking for the right man and may come out to confirm that she is in a relationship to the media shortly.

Parents, siblings, and children

Era’s parents come from Kosovo; they are Albanian.  Her father’s name is Nezir while her mother’s name is Suzanna. She has one brother and two sisters.  Her two sisters’ names are Nita and Nora while her brother’s name is Bledi.

House and properties

No one knows where the singer actually lives and she has not yet shared any of her pictures.

Her email address, email address and phone number

Thousands of fans search for her number every month on search engines and social media every month, but there is no such information online.  A celebrity like her cannot post her contacts and other private details on social media because it is risky for her.

Cars and other toys that Era owns

For a woman with such a high net worth, it is obvious that Era owns many cars, but her favorite is her Mercedes Benz S Coupe, and she loves the car so much.  She has even posted a lot of its pics on her social media accounts.

Social media presence

Era, just like many other artists is on social media. She has 500k+ followers on Facebook, 960k+ followers on Instagram, 115k+ followers on YouTube, 69k+ followers on Twitter, and over 500 followers on Google plus. Plus. She is also on Snapchat; her ID is @molleistrefi.

I take no Prisoners

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You can find out more about the singer by checking out her Wikipedia page or her official website.

Her educational background

Era did not attend college. She just discovered another avenue of making money, and she became famous, a decision that she never regrets.

Wiki bio for Era Istrefi

Full name Era Istrefi
Place of birth Pristina,  Kosovo
Year  of birth 1994
Siblings Nita,  Nkra,  Bledi
Parents Nezir,  Suzana
Relationship status Single
Nationality Albanian
Profession Singer
Net worth $2.7 million
Height 175cm
Weight 66kg
Signs of the zodiac Cancer
Sexual orientation Straight
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black ( blonde)


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