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Who Is Eric Mumford? What’s His Relationship With Lynn Toler? Know His Age, Net Worth, & Children With Judge Toler

Image of Who Is Eric Mumford. What's His Relationship With Lynn Toler. Know His Age, Net Worth, & Children With Judge Toler

Will you be surprised if you knew the judge or lawyer who specializes in divorce proceedings would be a happily married woman? Well Divorce lawyer-arbitrator & judge of Divorce Court, Lynn Toler will have you surprised.

Well, if you think correctly, specialization in divorce also means a specialty in leading a happy life because you know the consequences, the results, and what leads to it, all you need not do what others do and fail. Mumford is notably not so famous, but he is into talks due to his TV star wife, so let’s know his bio, age, and know-how strong his bond is with the Judge.

Eric Mumford’s Early Life

Eric prefers a low-key life, so details about his birth date, birthplace, educational background, and even his parents, siblings remain unaddressed till today’s date.

His wife Lynn Toler, on the other hand, was born on 25th October 1959 in Mesa, Arizona. Despite several hardships, including her father’s disease, she was able to gain a scholarship to Harvard. She earned her undergraduate degree in American Literature in 1981. She later obtained a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Eric Mumford and Lynn Toler Love story, Marriage & Divorce Rumors

Let’s disclose another fact here: Eric and Lynn knew each other for over ten years before marrying in 1989. Yes, they were long term friends turned sweethearts!

Image of Eric and Lynn's Early picture, the couple clicked Kissing
Eric and Lynn’s Early picture, the couple clicked Kissing

Now you feel jealous., right? Well, you should; because only if you had followed her suggestions on divorce, you’d be alright and your marriage would be safe. But despite seeing her every day, you still mess it up! But if you aren’t married, take Lynn Toler’s wedding as an inspiration.

Image of In Picture: Husband Eric Mumford and wife Lynn Toler (judge) Enjoying Quality Food In A Restaurant
In Picture: Husband Eric Mumford and wife Lynn Toler (judge) Enjoying Quality Food In A Restaurant

She’s been with the same man for 40 long years and is married for 30 years to be precise. Additionally, they are parents of two wonderful boys and are away from any divorce rumors.

Mumford & Toler’s Children

Eric Mumford and Lynn Toler couple share two sons, Xavier and William Mumford. The family lives in their Mesa, Arizona, based home.

What Is Eric Mumford’s Profession?

As per some tabloids, Eric reportedly is an author. However, her wife Lynn Toler is a TV star, a Judge, and a Divorce Lawyer, and she appears as the judge on a court series Divorce Court.

How Much Is Eric Mumford’s Net Worth & Salary?

Not much about his writing career is known, so it’s hard to figure Eric’s net worth; But his wife Lynn Toler, on the other hand, has an estimated net worth of $15 million. As a judge, she earns over $120 thousand per year, and as a successful reality show star, she further makes over $150 thousand per year.

Eric Mumford’s Age, Height, Weight, Facts

Though nothing about Eric is known, he reportedly is six ft-one-in tall and in his mid-60s. Additionally, he is a skinny fat guy, living happily with his wife of 30 years and two sons.

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