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Gina Taylor Pickens Married Life & Wiki-Bio of James Pickens Jr Wife,

You would be surprised to what you can find when studying the lesser-known better halves of famous celebs. Similarly, today, we will be uncovering al hidden or unknown facts about James Pickens Jr’s wife, Gina Taylor Pickens. Gina Taylor Pickens is James Pickens jr.’s wife and the former member of the music group Pandora’s Box. She was a part of the music group Musique for a short period of time. Gina is a singer and an actress who was a part of the movie Deliver Us from Eva.

James Pickens Jr. and Gina Taylor

A few years after she joined the music group Pandora’s box, Gina met James. They started going out, and on May 27, 1984, they had their relationship turn into a marriage. Ordained and happy, they set out for their new married life. With her life as a singer behind, Gina focused on being a James Pickens Jr.’s wife.

There is no information available on when Gina was born, but her husband, James Pickens Jr., was born on October 26, 1954, and is currently 65 years old. Gina added her husband’s last name to her own after marrying, making it Gina Taylor Pickens.

Image of Gina Taylor with her husband James Pickens Jr

Gina Taylor with her husband, James Pickens Jr

Childrens of James Pickens Jr.’s wife

James Pickens Jr. and Gina Taylor have a son and a daughter together. They have always lived as a happy family of four. James and Gina’s son’s name is Carl Thraps, and their daughter’s name is Gavyn Pickens. Much like James, who is a TV star, his childrens are also looking to get into show business.

Image of James Pickens Jr with his daughter Gavyn Pickens

James Pickens Jr with his daughter Gavyn Pickens

Gavyn Pickens, Gina Taylor’s daughter, is currently running a youtube channel since 14th August 2014. She had her mind set on acting before even studying at the British American Dramatic Academy before Youtube. Her youtube channel’s name is Gavyn Taylor and has over 15k subscribers.

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Gavyn has even appeared on TV dramas like Orange Is the New Black (2018) and Grey’s Anatomy (2018), where she plays the role of Lila. She has also played in the movie Black Nativity (2013). 

Gina and James’s son, on the other hand, is pursuing his career in Hip-Hop music. Carl Thraps has even made an appearance in Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper alongside James Pickens Jr.’s long-time friend Omar Gooding. Carl is still working to make a career in the field these days.

Less is known about what the siblings are doing these days, but their parents are seen attending parties together.

Gina Taylor’s Life as a Married Woman

Gina Taylor hasn’t made any screen appearances after she got married except for attending parties with her husband. However, she has played in a movie that came out back in 2003, Deliver Us from Evil. After that, her on-screen presence has been close to zero.

James Pickens Jr. has always been supportive of his wife, and Gina Taylor has always been a devoted wife and a great mother. The couple has a good relationship with their children. And, among themselves, Gina has been James Pickens Jr.’s wife for over 35 years now. They are one of the couples who have been together the longest, even though both of them are celebrities.

Gina has had her wish of being a restauranteur fulfilled in 2015. Gina has opened a Southern-style eatery in North Hollywood called Forks ‘N the Road, with her husband’s support. The restaurant focuses on less know authentic southern dishes.

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Gina Taylor Net worth

Gina Taylor is a pretty private person; she doesn’t use any social media either. Her net worth as of 2019 is unknown, but her husband James Picken Jr.’s net worth is $3 million, according to the magazine The Richest. We can say that she shares her net worth with her husband.  Her net worth is the same as her husband’s as they have been together for over 35 years.

Gina Taylor Pickens Wiki

Full Name Gina Taylor Pickens
Birthdate unavailable
Profession Singer, Actress, Restauranteur
Active years Singer(1979-1990), Actress (2003-2003), Restauranteur(2015-present)
Spouse James Pickens Jr. (m. 1984 May 27)
Children/s Carl Tharps(Son), Gavyn Piken(Daughter)
Net Worth $3 million
Residence Los Angeles County, California, U.S.

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