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It is said that Greg Remsberg and Todd Hoffman have been very long time buddies. They have been friends since their high school days. Greg and Todd used to play basketball together. The two have stuck to each other in bad and good times. Greg decided to join Todd in the reality show in Alaska after so many years of being unemployed. With this opportunity, Greg has a strong determination to turn around his fortunes, and nothing was about to stop him.

This article will try to shed more life on the career and personal life which includes: wife, children, net worth, salary, and family of Greg Remsburg.

Greg Remsburg Married To Wife And Children

Greg is married to his wife named Sofia Remsburg. He is so dedicated to his family that he is ready to do all that it takes to make sure that they end up successful. However, there was an ugly incident in which Greg was said to have abandoned his wife and children. The wife complained that there were nights when she only had empty cans of beer and liquor bottles to keep her company.

Sofia bitterly complained how her husband’s chosen lifestyle was affecting the children. Greg rarely had time for his kids, and Sofia felt that the young ones were missing on fatherly love.

To Greg, it has never been his liking that he stays away from his children. All the same, the circumstances demanded that he does exactly that and that it was his sincere hope that they will eventually come to understand. The identity of Greg’s children is yet to be revealed.

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In one of the interviews held with him, Greg said that his family was his main source of support. He said that his wife and children have always stood with him even under very difficult circumstances.

Greg Remsburg Net Worth And Salary

At the moment, the net worth of Greg Remsburg is yet to be revealed. Over the years, Greg has always been on and off Gold Rush. The first time Greg left the show was in 2013. However, he later comes back in the fourth season as one of the cast members.

Interestingly, Greg left the show again after the end of the fifth season. His net worth is above $1 million and a salary of $30,000. Greg could be a secretive man, but his lifestyle will always betray him.

Image of Actor, Greg Remsburg net worth is $1 million

Gold Rush cast Greg Remsburg net worth is $1 million

Greg says that at no point as a kid did he imagine himself having a career in gold mining. All along he had always wanted to be a professional basketball player. In as much as his current no longer allows him to run around anymore, Greg confesses that his love for the game is yet to die down.

How Old Is Greg Remsburg? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

The available sources do not reveal Greg’s date of birth. However, the fact that they studied and grew up together with Todd Hoffman could only mean that they belong to the same age bracket. With no knowledge of when Greg was born, it is not possible to tell which month and day of the year he celebrates his birthday.

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Wiki, Bio, Family

Greg Remsburg is very strong. It appears like Greg was brought up in a very strong Christian background. Before any mining activity, Greg and his friends insist on first praying and reading a Bible verse. Not so much is known about Greg’s parents and whether he has any siblings.

Greg Remsburg Death Rumors

At some point, it was rumored that Greg Remsburg has passed on. However, the truth of the matter is that he is still alive and kicking.

What Is Greg Remsburg Doing Now? Why He Left Gold Rush?

Well, Greg Remsburg has over the time been leaving Gold Rush and coming. However, he has never expressly come out to explain his reasons for doing so. Perhaps it could have everything to do with disagreements with his fellow miners. He might as well be taking a break from the hustles.

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