Josh Gates Married: 7 Facts about his Wife Hallie Gnatovich

If there is anything that gives you more joy than learning about the famous TV celebrities, then it is learning about their significant others. You would be surprised to learn about the girlfriends and wives of your favorite male celebrities. Josh Gates is also a married man and everyone who watches his show ‘Expedition Unknown’ knows a little about his life but what about his wife, Hallie Gnatovich? Learn about her at 7 fast points.

1.       Hallie Gnatovich is a Mom

That is right, big fans of Josh Gates may already know this, but Josh Gates and Hallie have a child together. Josh Gates and wife Hallie have a very beautiful son they named Owen. Owen Gates is currently a little over 1 year old right now and too young to make a TV appearance like his dad. Nevertheless, e is a cute little guy and a precious individual to his proud parents.

Josh Gate carrying his lovely baby

Caption:- Owen with his father, Josh.

2.       She Broke the News to him on Camera

I said, “Big fans of Josh Gates may already know this” because Josh Gates found out the big news on camera. Yes, that is right; Josh Gates was in the middle of shooting the 7th episode, ‘Secrets of Christopher Columbus in season 2 when he received an important phone call from his wife informing him that he Josh was going to be a dad. It was also aired in the episode, and you can tell Josh was so overwhelmed.

3.       She Met Josh as Co-Workers in ‘Destination Truth.’

It is merely common for some people to find love in their place of work and such was also the case for Josh and Hallie. Hallie also was working for ‘Destination Truth’ that starred Josh Gates. The two of them met and must have started dating immediately since the start of the show in 2007 till it was concluded in 2012.

4.       Hallie is Married Josh for Almost four years

Yes, since Hallie and Josh got married on 13th September in 2014, they are nearing their 4 years anniversary. Josh Gates and Hallie couple got married in a secret wedding surrounded by only the closes of their friends and family members.

Hallie Gnatovich Josh Gates they are together for 4 years and going on

Caption:- Hallie Gnatovich and Josh Gates married before four years, and they are happy with each other.

5.       They Know Each other for 11 Years

If you think that their 4 years mark is impressive than do the math and see that they have known each other for more than 11 years. Since they met on the sets of ‘Destination Truth’ in 2007 and must have fallen in love short, they would be together for around 11 years.

Hallie Gnatovich Knows Josh Gates 11 years befor their marriage

Caption:- Hallie Gnatovich Knows Josh Gates 11 years before their marriage

6.       Hallie is a Therapist

Hallie after ‘Destination Truth’ has shifted career and gone on to become a Therapist. She received her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling from the Alliant International University, Los Angeles in 2010.

She currently owns a firm called Hallie G. Therapy and also consults for MedAvante-ProPhase. She specializes in consulting for particularly lesbian couples, Hollywood executives, actors, and writers.

7.       She is Also an Actor

Before her exploring and Behind the Scenes work for ‘Destination Truth‘ she also desired a career in acting. She even graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre.

She also appeared in a short film ‘Archer House’ as Marnie and could have become an actress, but she had a shift in the heart. There is little known about her life like her childhood, but her wiki-bio pages like IMDB suggest that she was born in 1981 and is currently 36 or 37 years old.

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