The Last Alaskan’ Heimo Korth Net Worth, Wife Edna Korth, Daughters, Age, and Wiki-bio

It is quite astounding and unfathomable, how a normal man survives in areas where it is impossible to live. Heimo Korth is quite hardy because he has been able to crack that equation and he maneuvers those harsh and extreme weather conditions in Alaska. When you hear of extreme, it is extreme because the temperatures go as low as – 58 degrees Celsius. Consequently, because of his die-hardness, Heimo Korth has captured the attention of many people. He lives an adventurous life every day, unlike the common people who struggle with the hassles of the corporate world daily. There are galore people who are quite interested in unearthing more and more about his life. Heimo lives 400 miles away from the world, and thus he lives a secluded life where people would not like to venture.

Being the center of attraction and interest, Heimo has been featured in many books and documentaries as the protagonist. He lives a nomadic life, and he is now a sexagenarian. Heimo first appeared in the scene in 2004 when he was featured by James Campbell in his book dubbed “The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His Family, Alone in Alaska’s Arctic Wilderness.” He was featured again in “Braving Alaska” by PBS in 1992. Later he was featured in 2009 in a documentary dubbed “Surviving Alone in Alaska” by VBS TV. Finally, in 2015 his family produced a show called “The Last Alaskans” that aired on Discovery Channel. All these documentaries ought to have earned him quite a good amount of dough.

Heimo Korth Married Life. Meet his wife, Edna Korth

Heimo Korth first bumped into his better half Edna in Yupik village in St. Lawrence Island. After some time they fell for each other and eventually got married. However, Edna had already sired a kid called Millie, but he did not mind taking her along with her mother. On May 29, 1982, the duo got their daughter Coleen Korth but unfortunately lost her two years later in a canoeing accident.

Image of Heimo Korth with his wife Edna Korth

Heimo Korth with his wife, Edna Korth

They bore two more daughters Krin and Rhonda. Heimo is a father of girls, and he brought them up in that freezing wilderness. That incident made the family to relocate the other three children to another place, and they would visit their parents from time to time.

Heimo Korth Net Worth, Salary, Sources of income

Heimo’s net worth is $150,000 which he has accrued from his lifestyle in Alaska.

Image of Heimo Korth net worth is $150,000

Heimo Korth net worth is $150,000

Consequently, he has been featured in books, journals, and documentaries that aim at featuring his lifestyle. Some of the known documentaries that have featured him include Flying Wild Alaska, Surviving Alone in Alaska by VBS TV and Braving Alaska by PBS TV.

Heimo Korth Children. Meet his daughters

When Heimo met Edna, she had already sired a daughter named Millie, and he married Edna together with her daughter.

Image of Heimo Korth with her husband and with their kids

Heimo Korth with her husband and kids

Afterward, the couple sired Coleen Korth who died two years later in a canoeing accident; then they sired Rhonda Korth and Krin Korth. They have three daughters.

How old is Heimo Korth? Know his age, birthday

Heimo Korth was born on April 17, 1955, in Wisconsin, USA. Currently, Heimo Korth age is 63 years. He has concealed information about his early life and childhood.

Heimo Korth’s wiki-bio, family, career, and education

Heimo Korth is a renowned Alaskan frontiersman. He appeared in the public limelight when he was featured in The Alaskans reality show aired on Discovery Channel, and it talked about his daily life. In one of the books that have featured him, it is revealed that Heimo emigrated to Alaska after a fallout with his father. They were always antagonistic, and it reached a point when he could not bear his father’s abuse anymore.

Image of Heimo Korth with their family

Heimo Korth with their family

One day, Heimo went to learn how to hunt in Yupik village in St. Lawrence Island with the Eskimos, and he found his beloved wife, Edna. Edna’s ethnicity is a Siberian Yupik Eskimo. Ever since the tragic canoe accident that killed their daughter Coleen in 1984, the couple relocated their other daughters from the wilderness. They live there on their own, but their daughters visit them regularly and spend time with them. The loss of her daughter struck him mightily, and he has never recovered from that blow. Despite the ceaseless efforts that people have made trying to exhort him to emigrate from that wilderness, he has been obstinate. Heimo even solidified his decision to remain there after his daughter’s demise.

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