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Is Rick Lagina married? Know His Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Bio, Death

Image of Is Rick Lagina married. Know His Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Bio, Death

Rick Lagina is a very popular reality TV personality. He is best known for History Channel’s reality TV series “The Curse of Oak Island.” He is a retired United States postal worker.

We will let you know about his net worth, wife and where he is currently.


Rick Lagina was born in Michigan, United States of America. This was in the year 1954. His current age is 64 years. He was brought up in Kingsford, Northern Michigan by parents, George Jacob Lagina and Ann Cavalieri. He grew up alongside his brother Marty Lagina.

His brother Marty is a famous American reality television personality.

There is hardly any information about his childhood, early life, and educational background.


According to wiki sources, he began his career as a United States postal worker. To be specific, he was a post office delivery man. He pursued this profession until his retirement.

January 1965 marked the time when he began his current career. He was only eleven years old. He had been in love with the Reader’s Digest magazine which he read often. It was from it that he came across an article on the Oak Island Mystery. From then, he conceived a dream of resolving that mystery one day.

Soon after retirement as a postal worker, he decided to pursue his longtime dream. He began a career in the treasure hunt at the Oak Island.

Image of Rick Lagina from The Curse of Oak Island show
TV personality Rick Lagina from The Curse of Oak Island show

On 5th January 2014, the reality television show “The Curse of Oak Island’ premiered on History Channel. The former postman together with his team started the show. The show’s main aim is to showcase the progress made in their treasure hunt.

Rick Lagina, his brother Marty and a team of explorers took over the Oak Island Treasure Hunt from 2006. They intend to look for the treasure until they get it.

The talented star has put in great efforts in the history channel show. Together with his team, they have sought even more sophisticated means of achieving their core mission. They have liaised with global experts for assistance in this project. They have also employed the use of modern technological equipment to better their work.

The TV star rose to great fame from his significant contribution in the ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ show. He and his brother Marty do the production of their reality television series. So far, they have done more than four seasons.

The show has become very popular with millions of viewers and fans all over the world. His work in this field is very outstanding.

Is Rick Lagina Married? Meet His Wife, Children

The famous television personality has not revealed much about his personal life to the public. This includes his marital life. He has not disclosed his singlehood, married life or whether he is dating some lady or not.

As of now, there is no information regarding his wife or children. Furthermore, he has not been seen with a lady to be it in a public social event or media. This has caused many rumors from people concerning his status.

It once circulated in the social media that Ricky is gay and is sexually attracted to other men. However, this was just a rumor since there has been no evidence to prove it. Until now, his marital status can’t be ascertained.

Rick Lagina Net Worth. How much is Rick Lagina worth?

The current estimated net worth of Rick Lagina is $2 Million. His source of income is his newfound career in the treasure hunt. He also gains money from the famous History Channel’s reality TV series “The Curse of Oak Island.” These two have been the biggest channels to his current net worth which is still on the rise.

Image of Producer, Rick Lagina net worth is $2 million
Producer, Rick Lagina net worth is $2 million

 Rick Lagina Dead or Alive? What Is He Doing Now?

The question of whether Rick Lagina is still alive or he is dead has crossed the minds of many. This is probably because of the risks attached to being an explorer in the strange Oak Island. Here is the true answer to this question. He is not dead but very much alive and kicking.

There was a strange report in the recent past about a poisonous gas emitted at the Oak Island. This caused the death of a group of explorers. It was said that one of them fell into a shaft and the others died while trying to rescue him. However, Rick Lagina was not among those who perished.

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