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Jack Wagner Wife, Married, Children, Daughter, Net Worth, Age, and Career.

Image of General Hospital Jack Wagner Married, Wife, Children, Daughter, Net Worth, Age, and Salary

Jack Wagner had one of the most exciting roles in General Hospital in 1984 when he paired with Kristina Wagner to play the role of husband and wife. Their love blossomed, and they fell for each other, which culminated in their marriage in real life.

Why did Jack Wagner leave General Hospital?

Jack Wagner leaves General Hospital for Santa Barbara, were not good news at all to the ABC fans. They were used to him, and his performance was thrilling. Therefore, when he left the show, there was a lot of disappointment and discomfort among his fans. It seems that he was enticed by money because he signed a multi-million dollar contract. His role was action-packed, and he acts as Warren Lockridge.

He was categorically characterized by womanizing, drinking, and smoking, but he was kind-hearted and funny. Later, he came back to General Hospital and before people learned about it, he was already in and shooting secretly. Before his departure, he was playing a very interesting role in GH as a cop cum spy, and he was doing very well. He came back to General Hospital back in 2013 after taking a long break since 1995.

Jack Wagner married to Wife, Kristina Wagner, and Children

Jack Wagner wife was Kristina Wagner, and they got married on December 18, 1993, in Lake Tahoe. They remained together and begot two children Peter and Harrison. Everything was okay until 2001 when they decided that enough was enough. They filed for divorced and finalized everything on February 2001.

Image of Jack Wagner and his wife Kristina Wagner
Jack Wagner with his wife, Kristina Wagner

However, since they were used to one another, they had already become an item, and they felt that it was not over yet – for both of them. After two years asunder, the duo tried working out their formerly termed irreconcilable differences, and they reconciled again briefly. They secretly sorted out their differences in 2004, but things did not work out for them, because they later fell out and filed for divorce again in 2005. Before meeting Kristina, Jack was previously married to Felicia Cummings from 1986-1994. They begot two Jack Wagner children: Maxie Jones and Jack Wagner daughter Georgie Jones but she died.

Jack Wagner Net Worth, Age, Songs, and TV career

Jack Wagner net worth is estimated to be $9.8 million which is attributed to his acting career. The multi-million contract that he signed with Santa Barbara impacted immensely on his wealth. Consequently, he has amassed an enormous amount of wealth, unlike most actors.

Image of Jack Wanger net worth is $9.8 million
Jack Wanger net worth is $9.8 million

Jack Wagner age is 58 years, and he has been acting since when he debuted Jack Wagner TV career in 1982. He has been entertaining people all along in renowned soap operas like The Bold and The Beautiful, General Hospital, not to mention Santa Barbara, etc. Jack Wagner is a renowned actor who is sought after because of his outstanding acting prowess. Apart from acting, Jack is also a musician, and he entertains his audience in two diverse platforms. Since when he started singing, he has recorded six albums from 1984 to 2014. The best of all is “All I Need,” and it has given him good returns.

Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett

Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett are now an item, and it is his third marriage. Two of his previous marriages failed to work, and he decided to try for the third time. There is a highly prospective that the duo met in Melrose Place where they were both actings. After their wedding, she celebrated in the normal bridal way, and she was excited to be married to Thomas Doig.

She took to Facebook and Instagram to celebrate their wedding in style, and she was excited about it. To express her happiness, Josie captioned her picture “Happily Ever After.” The duo tied the knot in DeLille Cellars Chateau, Redmond, Washington. This was nothing else but part of a soap opera that the two were acting. It was not in real life that the duo wedded, but they have had similar real-life experiences. Jack Wagner and Josie Bisset are great old-time pals, and they just reunited again.

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