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General Hospital Jane Elliot Husband, Married, Children, Net Worth, Age, Salary, and Gay rumors.

Image of Jane Elliot Married, Husband, Children, Net Worth, Age, and Salary

Jane Elliot is a renowned American actress whom – unlike most actors and actresses, has never received a formal education. Instead, she took acting lessons and then found her way into acting. She is popularly known for her role in the ABC’s show General Hospital as Tracy Quartermaine. Jane acted Edward and Lila Quartermaine’s wealthy daughter in the show above. That role was purposely engineered for her by Gloria Monty who was the producer of this soap opera.

She debuted her acting career in 1960, and she won the hearts of many fans. However, after just a short time, Jane found her way out of General Hospital, but she won a Daytime Emmy Award in 1981’s Drama Series as the Outstanding Supporting Actress. She was in and out of GH up to her retirement.

Why did Jane Elliot leave General Hospital? What is she doing now?

Jane Elliot leaving General Hospital was quite unbelievable to many, and perhaps they have not come to terms with it. She retired and consequently stepped out of acting, not to mention exiting GH. The General Hospital executive officially announced that she was indeed leaving the show. This due to her plans to retire from acting after doing it for decades ever since her debut in 1960.

Image of Jane Elliot from General Hospital
General Hospital actress, Jane Elliot

She first announced her plans in April 2016 and retired in 2017. Jane admitted that it was very hard to go away, owing to the fact that there are people that she had worked with since 1978. She decided to shift gears and try out new things in her life. Jane said that she is already done with acting and she will not miss it after retirement. She will only miss her fellow cast but not acting because she is satiated.

Jane Elliot Married to husband, Luis Rojas, and Children

Jane Elliot husband was Luis Rojas, and they were married for eight years. In their marriage, Jane and her husband Luis Rojas, sired Jane Elliot children Adrian Lucas Elliot and adopted Annie Rose Elliot and Isiah Doss-Elliot. Only scanty information is available about them, and the cause of their divorce is yet to be established. Not so much is published about her because she seems to keep a lot to herself.

After her divorce, she did not remarry. Jane decided to live on her own all through until now. Just like otherwise celebrities who hide much about their personal life from the public, she has also hidden it. Jane has been in front of the camera for long enough, and that is why she shifted gears before her years expire. Not much is known about her children because she has also concealed information about them. Luis Rojas has also remained out of the public limelight.

Jane Elliot Net Worth, Age, Salary, Gay rumors, and TV career

Jane Elliot net worth is $9 million, but Jane Elliot salary cannot be made up. She had amassed a significant amount of wealth since when she debuted her acting career. Jane has never done anything else apart from acting, and that is why she decided to shift gears to do something else.

Image of Jane Elliot net worth from General Hospital
General Hospital actress, Jane Elliot net worth is $9 million

Her wealth is being purported to have increased significantly since her retirement. She owns luxury properties, yachts, private jets, stocks, and many more. Jane Elliot gay rumors spread because she does not date nor seen hanging out with boyfriends. She is a well-reserved lady who has tried her best to keep a clean record without tarnishing it with scandals. Unlike many celebrities who have many sexual partners, Jane has kept herself from sexual immorality. Jane Elliot age is 71 years, and she has spent all her life in acting; that is why she decided to retire.

Jane Elliot Wiki-bio, Family

Jane Elliot, General Hospital actress, was born on January 17, 1947, in New York City, New York, USA. Much about his family and background is not known, but she never acquired formal education. Instead, she took acting and voice classes, and she got an agent afterward. At the age of 17, she started auditioning for acting roles, and eventually she debuted her career in 1960.

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