Jay Wasley Wife, Married, Girlfriend, Dating, Net Worth, Age, and Brother.

Jay Wasley is a jack of all trades, and he has highly specialized in media and film production. He is a cinematographer, producer, audio engineer, and a director. Moreover, Jay has been categorically active in production since 2001. Previously, he had been doing art, creating films and music in his childhood. His production career and prowess has taken him far and wide by giving him coveted opportunities. Jay has worked on numerous national commercials, feature films, and major network TV shows among other projects.

One of his landmark works is the Ghost Adventurers show. He made it successful by working on it as a sound mixer and later he was given another role. Jay worked as the audio-visual camera tech, cinematographer, cast, and investigator. To top it all, Jay owns and operates his own production company dubbed Sun House Films. Recently he opened another production company known as Simple Equations Media LLC based in Nashville, Tennesse.

Ghost Adventures Jay Wasley

Jason David Wasley was born on November 19, 1981, in New York, USA. He is purely North American by ethnicity and nationality. Since childhood, he demonstrated a strong love of entertainment, and he started engaging in it. He is a reserved person who keeps a lot to himself and thus, not much is known about him.

Jay Wasley Married a Wife

Jay Wasley wife is called Ashley, but she started as Jay Wasley girlfriend. Jay and Ashley met at a party in New York, and after developing feelings for each other, they got into a relationship.

Image of Jay Wasley with his wife Ashley

Jay Wasley with his wife Ashley

They dated for some years before Jay Wasley married her. Their love is evident, and consequently, Jay has featured Ashley in many Vine posts. However, the date of their marriage is not known nor do people know whether they have children.

Jay Wasley Dating a new Girlfriend

For some time now, the couple has not been so much into each other, and on their social media platforms, a certain user on Reddit posted about their divorce. However, if those reports are anything to go by, the reasons are not known. However, they have kept it to themselves, but they are secretly being investigated.

Image of Jay Wasley with his girlfriend Morgan Cassiani

Jay Wasley with his girlfriend Morgan Cassiani

Of late, Jay has been posting pictures of a stunner by the name Morgan Cassiani who could be Jay Wasley girlfriend. He even confirmed it after a fan asked him whether she is his cousin and he replied that she is his girlfriend.

Jay Wasley Net Worth and Age

He has been active in media production under diverse categories since childhood. However, he has kept information about his income and earning strictly concealed. Out of all his endeavors, he has earned quite a lot, but Jay Wasley net worth has not been successfully evaluated. Jay Wasley age is currently 36 years.

Jay Wasley Brother

Jay Wasley brother is not known because he rarely speaks about his family. Secrecy is one of his greatest virtues that always govern his life.

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