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Joe Gonzalez Biography: Facts about Sofia Vergara’s Ex-husband

Joe Gonzalez is a Colombian Source Celebrity. He is ranked among the most famous celebrities in the world. This article will discuss in details Joe Gonzalez’s biography, net worth, source of income, his ex-wife Sofía Vergara and children, among other details.

Who is Joe Gonzalez?

Joe Gonzalez is famous for being a Source a Celebrity. He has been ranked among the most famous people in the world. He is on the list of celebrities who were born in February. Joe is 48 years old, born on February 7, 1971. His birth sign is Aquarius.

He is the ex-husband to Sofía Vergara. He married Sofia when she was just 18 years old.

There is very little information about Joe Gonzalez. We don’t have information about his father nor his mother. There is no information concerning his siblings, either.

Joe Gonzalez Net Worth. How much is Sofia Vergara’s ex-husband worth?

Joe Gonzalez net worth is under review. His wealth includes cars, salary, and other properties. There is no clear information concerning his other sources of income apart from Source Celebrity.

Image of Source celebrity, Joe Gonzalez net worth is currently not available

Source celebrity, Joe Gonzalez net worth is currently not available

He has been documented very well on ‘How Rich Celebs’ that have the first name as Joe. His primary source of income is Source Celebrity.

Joe Gonzalez and Sofia Vergara Married life, Divorce reason, Children

Joe Gonzalez was first married to Sofia Vergara from 1991 to 1993. The two were childhood sweethearts, and they later married each other. They got blessed with a son whom they named Manolo. Their marriage life was filled with ups and downs. They did not have enough time for each other. When Sofia’s career grew, it made her travel now and then. Their relationship got strained as a result leading to separation.

Image of Joe Gonzalez with his ex- wife Sofia Vergara and with his son Manolo

Joe Gonzalez with his ex-wife Sofia Vergara and with his son Manolo

How did Joe and Sofia meet?

Joe and Sofia had been childhood sweethearts.  Their love continued even in high school. Their love led to their marriage when Sofia was just 18 years old.

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Who is Joe Gonzalez’s ex-wife, Sofia Vergara?

Joe Gonzalez’s ex-wife, Sofia Vergara is a Colombian-American actress, comedian, model, and a TV host. She is also a businesswoman. Sofia is the most highly paid TV actress. Her career has earned her $157.5 million untaxed money. Since 2011, she stars in the Modern Family, an American TV mockumentary.

Image of Colombian-American actress, Sofia Vergara

Colombian-American actress, Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara was born on July 10, 1972, in Barranquilla, Colombia

SofíaVergara is an ex-wife to Joe Gonzalez. Joe Gonzalez was her high school lover. Vergara married Joe Gonzalez at the age of 18, and they even got a son whom they named Manolo. Later, their relationship turned sour, and they divorced in 1993. Their relationship lasted three years.

Sofia Vergara attended an elementary school where she was able to learn to speak in English. She later joined the University of Colombia to study dentistry. She dropped off after three years of study and focused on her show business career. Initially, her ability to act as a model was discovered by a passing photographer while she was lying on a beach in Colombia.

In 1990, Pepsi got her to advertise their brand across the Latin American market. She got more modeling jobs and afterward began acting in Mexican soap operas.

In the mid-1990s, she began hosting a Spanish TV network Univision. Here, she hosted a travel show.

After their break up, Sofia raised their baby boy Manolo alone until he was grown up. Immediately after their break up, she got involved in making bikini calendars in order to increase her source of income.

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On July 10, 2012, it emerged that Sofia was engaged to an American businessman, Nicholas m. Loeb. Unfortunately, they terminated their relationship on May 23, 2013.

Image of Sofia Vergara with her ex-fiance Joe Manganiello,

Sofia Vergara dating Joe Manganiello

Two months later, Vergara started dating Joe Manganiello, the ‘True Blood Actor.’ They got engaged on Christmas day 2014. They then got married on November 21, 2015, in Palm Beach Florida.

Sofia has starred in the following movies. Meet the Browns (2008), Madea Goes to Jail (2009) and the Four Brothers (2005).

Personal life

Joe Gonzalez is a source celebrity. There is no clear information on his personal life. Some years back, he used to spend time with his ex-wife Sofia Vergara. There are several photographs that reveal that they used to have a good life together, even during their high school-time. It is not clear whether he has a Facebook and Twitter account. Moreover, little is known about his relationship status since his divorce with Sofia.

Joe Gonzalez Age, Birth Name, Bio, Wiki

Birth Name Joe Gonzalez
Date of Birth February 7, 1971
Age 48 years
Height Unknown
Place of Birth Colombia
Nationality American
Occupation Source celebrity
Weight Unknown
Net worth Unknown
Parents Unknown
Relationship status Divorced
Siblings Manolo Gonzalez
Death-O-Meter Alive


Joe Gonzalez is a former husband to Sofía Vergara. He had one child with Sofia before they broke up. Sofía Vergara’s ex-husband, net worth is under review, and we shall be updating it soon once we get in the know.

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