Joseph Digenova Wikipedia type bio, Net Worth of Victoria Toensing husband

Joseph DiGenova is known by most through his life works as a lawyer.  Together with his wife Victoria Toensing, they successfully started a law firm that has helped corporations,  companies as well as individuals win cases, and before Federal Courts, Congress, and the US Cabinet. The firm is located in Washington DC and makes much of his vast net worth.

In this review,  we are going to shed some light on Joseph’s life including his career,  net worth, wife, and his appointment into the US counsel by the US President Donald Trump.

Joseph DiGenova’s Married life with wife Victoria Toensing.

Joseph met his beautiful wife Victoria Toensing at the 1980 Republicans National Convention in Detroit.  At that time, Joseph’s boss, Senator Mathias was the one charing the Maryland delegation to the convention. He and the senator were among the few individuals who championed the Equal Rights Amendment in the Republican platform.

One day when the senator and Joseph had gone to an ERA March,  Joseph saw this woman with a striking beauty in downtown Detroit.  Victoria was wearing Susan B Anthony outfit.

She was selling pins engraved  “ ERA GOP.” Joseph asked her how much they cost and she said $3 a pin. She said she had 30 of them,  and Joseph said he would take them all. He also asked for her name and number, little did he know that she would become his wife in the future.

Victoria Toensing husband Joseph Digenova

Caption:- Victoria Toensing and her husband Joseph Digenova met together in 1980

Source:- Fox News

Victoria used to got to Washington often because she was an assistant US attorney in Detroit she used to lecture at the Attorney General’s Advocacy Institute in Washington,  where she taught people to how to try cases. The two started dating for sometime before they got married, and Victoria moved to Washington and went to work with Barry Goldwater.

His career

Joseph DiGenova became the Independent Counsel in 1992 for the Clinton Passport File Search saga. In 1995, he got elected as the chairman of the Grievances Committee of the  DC District Court. Two years later, US House of Representatives appointed him as the Special Counsel.

He was tasked to look into International Brotherhood of Teamsters which gave him the opportunity to be a member of the Independent Review Board.

Joseph has also worked with the former CIA and FBI Director  William Webster and even the US Attorney General,  Benjamin Civiletti.

Joseph Digenova career work

Caption:- Joseph DiGenova was a member of the Independent Review Board

The New York Senate asked him to look into the Troopergate issue,  which involved Governor Eliot Spitzer

Joseph worked as the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia for four years. The office has more than 400 attorneys,  making it the largest in the country.

Joseph was involved in a couple of federal and complex civil cases that included RICO, insider trading,  export control, fraud corruption, and international drug smuggling.

Also,  he dealt with corruption  in DC., which forced to deputy mayors behind bars

Joseph DiGenova Net worth

Joseph is exceptionally talented,  and one of the most respected individual in his field. Since he started working in 1992, he has made a fortune and a name for himself.

As of 2018, Joseph DiGenova net worth stands at 10 million dollars. It is incredible to find out how accomplished his splendid net worth with years of work in legal, political and governmental sectors.

Joseph Digenova net worth source of income

Caption:- Joseph Digenova Net Worth of $10 million.

Bio on his wife, Victoria Toensing Wiki.

Joseph DiGenova’s wife is a lawyer by profession. Her name is Victoria Toensing.  She was born on 16th October 1941. She has two children with Joseph: Brady Toensing,  who is a lawyer and Amy Toensing,  who is a photojournalist.

Victoria Toensing career

Caption:- Victoria Toensing is a lawyer by profession.

Victoria deals with legislative advocacy and white- collar criminal defense cases.  Furthermore, she has appeared on some television network such as Fox News,  CNN, and MSNBC as a commentator.

Joseph DiGenova Wiki bio

Joseph DiGenova was born on 22nd February 1945.  He is currently an American attorney at the age of 73 years old. He weighs a total of 171 pounds ( 78kgs) and stands at the height of 5 feet and 9 inches. He has black-brown eyes and grey hair.

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