Karlie Redd Boyfriend, Dating, Engaged, Married, Children, Daughter, Net Worth, Age, and Family

Karlie Lewis popularly known as Karlie Redd was born on April 20, 1966, (but she usually puts it at April 15, 1978) in New York City, New York, USA. She is of black ethnicity, and she went to Harlem School of Arts: not to mention Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. Karlie debuted her acting career in 1998, but she remained unpopular until she shot to fame in 2012. She is now a renowned American celebrity and TV icon. She is also an actress, hip-hop artist, and a recording artist. Currently, she has shifted gears to writing, and she is an author.

It seems that she is real factotum because Karlie has also invested in dancing and modeling. To top it all, she has an extensive following on social media, particularly on Instagram. Not only has she soared and scaled the heights of fame, but also her fame and exceptional skills have highly catalyzed her. Learn about Karlie Redd dating history and boyfriend list. Also get to know about Karlie Redd engagement and children.

Karlie Redd is dating Boyfriend and Engaged. Daughter Jasmine Lewis

Karlie Redd is a very interesting lady who has never been married. Instead, she has only had a long and short-term relationship with her boyfriend, Yung Joc. Sometimes they do break up and then reconcile afterwards.

Nevertheless, during those break ups, she usually engages other men and she dates them. If you are used to having a partner and fulfilling all your desires, it is hard to stay without fulfilling those desires. That is what makes her to engage other men when Yung Joc is out of reach.

Image of Karlie Redd with her boyfriend Yung Joc

Karlie Redd with her boyfriend, Yung Joc

Karlie was also rumored to be dating Lyfe Jennings, but not much is known about them. Some of the men that she has formerly engaged include Raymond Scott, Benzino, and Ceaser Emanuel. Karlie is a mother, and her daughter is called Jasmine Lewis 19 years old. She is now at Clark Atlanta University, and perhaps she could decide to follow her mum’s path and become a celebrity. Karlie has the real identity of a celebrity which includes promiscuity. She has a penchant for men, but she dates her fellow casts. Among all the men that she has dated, she has never given a chance to any one of them to be her husband. She only loves fun and dating, but when it comes to marriage, it is not for her.

Karlie Redd Net Worth, Age, TV career

Karlie is currently 40 years of age, and she is a common actress in diverse films and TV reality shows. One of the shows that gave her a landmark recognition is Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Ever since her debut, she has stuck to acting consistently and never retreated at any time. Despite learning about acting at an early age, Karlie officially debuted her career in 2000 and fully committed herself to it.

However, when she gave herself to acting and the entertainment industry, she engaged in it with all her might. Karlie is in diverse dimensions of the entertainment industry like dancing, acting, hip-hop, and she is also starting authorial.

Karlie is now 40 years of age, but not many people can make it up due to her beguilement. She has been claiming that she was born in 1978 which is not true. Even some of the guys that she has dated have said that she is older than 1978, and now it is proved that she was born in 1966. She appeared in How to Marry a Billionaire in 2002, Black Spring Break 2, and afterward, she directed Something in Common in 2005.

Karlie was also cast in Sex Chronicles in 2008, and later she was cast Hip Hop Headstrong and Scream Queens in 2010. Karlie net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Image of Karlie Redd net worth which is $2 million

American hip-hop artist, Karlie Redd net worth is $2 million

Family, Store

Karlie Redd family is not known because she has kept their details concealed. It is only her daughter and former boyfriends who are known. Her mother, father, and siblings cannot be made up.

Moreover, she has never been married, and consequently, she does not have a husband. Yung Joc who has dated her for many years has never committed himself to her. She is also careful because she did not get many children. But only one with his former boyfriend called Nate Hill. He is currently working on a life sentence in prison, but the crime that he committed is not known.

Since March 2017, she has been dating Ceaser Emanuel. But it is not known whether she will rekindle their love affair with Yung Joc. With all the skills that she has, her wealth is likely to continue swelling with time, because she has not been in acting for so long.

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