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Karly Skladany Biography: Facts about Chris Kirkpatrick’s Wife

Image of Karly Skladany biography: Facts about Chris Kirkpatrick's wife

The gorgeous ladies out there are not only famous for their social profiles and casts, but also due to the profession of their husband. Karly Skladany being one of them, is the wife of the popular American singer, actor, and dancer Chris Kirkpatrick. Skladany on herself is a beautiful woman in her thirties and has a delightful life with the singer husband, who throughout the years have proven themselves to be an ideal husband and wife.

It’s wonderful that the luscious couple has managed to walk together with dreams and promises decorated for their lives and children. The secrets to their liveliness are explored further in this readout. Similarly, do read till the end for the information on Karly Skladany’s net worth, family avenues, and relationships along with her husband’s celebrity profile.

Who is Karly Skladany?

Karly Skladany is a familiar name which spotlighted after her marriage with the “countertenor” singer Chris Kirkpatrick who is known to be her long-term boyfriend. She is assumed to be of 35 years as of 2019, but the exact year and month of birth are not known. She is an American and was born within the United States, as a white descendant.

Karly Skladany has been on the air several times during and after her marriage. The celebrity couple, who had been expecting their first child posted about their desperation to the family addition, with a photoshopped image of the “boss baby” with the caption “Baby Kirkpatrick. Coming October 2017”.

Image of Chris Kirkpatrick's wife Karly Skladany
Chris Kirkpatrick’s wife, Karly Skladany

Meanwhile, as per the expectations, Karly gave birth to their son on October 10, 2017.

Karly Skladany Net Worth. How much is Chris Kirkpatrick wife’s worth?

The net worth of Karly Skladany, with an unrevealed carrier, is mostly attributed to her husband’s mighty celebrity profile. Singer, dancer and actor husband Chris Kirkpatrick earns decently through his career, but in addition to this presidency of online clothing, a business gives him a handsome income.

Moreover, Lady Skladany at these hours might have been busy raising the newborn and could have hardly managed to give attention to her career prospects.

Image of Karly Skladany husband Chris Kirkpatrick net worth is $13 million
Karly Skladany husband Chris Kirkpatrick net worth is $13 million

Despite this, the peaking career success of the singer husband has bestowed the lucky woman with a luxurious and pleasurable life. Karly Skladany’s net worth as accounted for her husband Chris Kirkpatrick engrosses to about $13 million.

Karly Skladany Husband, Married, Children

The charming Karly Skladany married her singer husband, Chris Kirkpatrick during an auspicious wedding ceremony on November 2013, held at the Italian-themed Loews Portofino Bay Hotel located in Orlando Florida. Their grand marriage ceremony was joined by about 300 family members and celebrity friends.

Image of Karly Skladany with her husband Chris Kirkpatrick
Karly Skladany with her husband, Chris Kirkpatrick

As a highlight to the event, Kirkpatrick’s former bandmates, Justin Timberlake, his wife Jessica Biel, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass participate to congratulate and celebrate his glorious day of life.

Image of Karly Skladany with her son Nash Dylan Kirkpatrick
Karly Skladany with her son Nash Dylan Kirkpatrick

Karly and Chris gave birth to their first child as a son, Nash Dylan Kirkpatrick on October 10th of the year 2017.

Who is Karly Skladany’s husband, Chris Kirkpatrick?

Chris Kirkpatrick (Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick), the husband of Karly Skladany, was born in born October 17, 1971, at Clarion, Pennsylvania. He shares an array of the ancestry of which Irish, Scottish, Spanish, and Native American are significant.

Image of American singer, Chris Kirkpatrick
American singer, Chris Kirkpatrick

Having attended his graduation from the Dalton High School in Ohio, in the course of his career, he performed in the Universal studios as a member of Doo Wop group. He is the founding member of the 1995 pop group NSYNC, along with other band members including Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez.

Karly Skladany Family

Apart from being the wife of an applauding singer, Karly Skladany hasn’t shared anything regarding her family background and parents. She, however, seems to be living a blissful life with her husband and child.

Personal life

The modelicious lady is brown eyed and has shiny black hair. She stands at a comparable height of her husband and is supposedly above 170 cm. An average body reveals her standings to be average in measurements of the waist and bosoms, but the accurate measurements are yet to be known for “mother Kirkpatrick.”

Quick facts about Karly Skladany

Full name Karly Skladany
Age 35 years old
Birthdate N/A
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession N/A
Spouse Chris Kirkpatrick
Net worth N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Marital Status Married
Children 1
Zodiac N/A
Social Media Twitter

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