Who is Kevin Hart’s Driver, Jared Black? Seriously Injured & Updates

Kevin Hart’s driver is one of the passengers who got injured in a car crash early on Sunday morning. Looking at the pictures of the accident, it’s a miracle that all are survived. Kevin wasn’t one who injured in the horrifying accident but also, his driver, Jared has major back injuries. Jared Black goes by the last name Stanton on social media. He is the fiancee of Hart’s wife’s personal trainer.

Who is Jared Black, Kevin Hart’s Driver?

Jared Balck is the driver of the comedian Kevin Hart. Jared is engaged to Rebecca Broxterman, 21, in June. His fiancee posts photos, videos of her work out as well as shared inspiring quotes on her Instagram. Jared prefers to keep his personal life a low profile.

According to Black’s IMDB, he works as an actor, producer, and director. His works include Delirium, Vigilante Diaries, and Red Letter. Currently, the 28 years old, Jared resides in Beverly Hills. His fiance wished him a happy birthday by posting their photo on her Instagram with a sweet message. Going through on Rebecca Instagram, the couple seems happy and enjoying each other company.

Image of Jacob Black Stanton and Rebecca Broxterman were involved during car accident with Kevin Hart.

Jacob Black Stanton and Rebecca Broxterman were involved during a car accident with Kevin Hart.

Jared Black Car Accident

Jared Black was driving Hart’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda on the Mulholland Highway. Suddenly, he lost the control that went crashed through wooden fencing alongside the road before falling 10 feet into a ditch around 12:45 am.

Image of Jared Black car crashed

Jared Black car crashed

According to TMZ, Jared was pinned against the steering wheel. Police reported that they had to saw off the roof of the car to get him out. Before his, Kevin was the first to emerge from the vehicle. After that, he was taken to the hospital.

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Moreover, Police told that Jared was not under the driving influence when the accident occurred on September 1st, 2019.

Jared Black Injury Update, How is He Doing Now?

Quickly the videos and photos of the car crash were released online and went viral after a few minutes. Kevin’s fans send their well-wishes to the comedian and other passengers and also, pray from them for the quick recovery.

It reported that Hart and his driver Black both are now hospitalized and taking treatment.

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