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Lance Stewart is an American Vine Star who comes from a family of entertainers. The YouTube celebrity is popular for making short rib-tickling videos. He’s among the most followed Vloggers out there. His popularity and mammoth following have no doubt made him rich and famous, a person who is worth our attention.

Lance YouTube channel as of 2018 has over 3.7 million subscribers. According to him, he owes his success to his sister who trained him how to make great videos on Vine.

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Lance Stewart Dating Girlfriend or Is Single?

Who is the YouTuber dating? Is married? Is he single? Well, the YouTube celebrity is not married and is not single either. He is dating Lizzy Wurst. His girlfriend frequently appears on his channel.

The couple duo has been dating for the past four years. That means they’ve been together since they were teens. They started living together in 2017. This was after Lizzy completed high school.

Image of Lance Stewart with his girlfriend Lizzy

Lance Stewart with his girlfriend, Lizzy

It is worth noting that Lizzy also has her YouTube channel with nearly 1 million subscribers. Like her boyfriend, she creates and shares short comical videos.

It is safe to say that Lance has been very faithful to Lizzy. Ever since he became famous at the age of 18, the entertainer has never dated another girl apart from Lizzy.

Lance Stewart Net Worth, Salary

Lance Stewart net worth is estimated at $2.5 million. He makes most of his money through Vine and YouTube channel. Even so, he is no longer posting videos on Vine. He ceased posting videos there a few months ago due to low views.

Image of Lance Stewart net worth is $2.5 million

YouTuber, Lance Stewart net worth is $2.5 million

As of 2018, he has over 4 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. Over 3000 users subscribe to his channel on a daily basis. Since 2014, the entertainer has accumulated close to one billion views. The channel gets approximately 1.5 million visitors a day, thereby generating about $2500 a day from YouTube ads.

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Lance Stewart Family, Siblings

His father is called Bruce Stewart, and his mother is Nina Stewart. As said earlier, he has an elder sister named Sabrina. His grandmother “Badass Grandmom” is often featured in his Snapchat stories. Apart from his father, mother, sister, and grandmother, there is no other information on the internet regarding Stewart’s family. His girlfriend Lizzy also seems to have become part and parcel of his family.

Lance Stewart Social Media

The Vlogger is quite active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Lance Stewart Cars, House

Lance Stewart home is situated in Philadelphia. The popular YouTube celebrity owns a blue chrome Audi R8 v10. He once gifted his dad a new Corvette Z06 on his birthday.

Image of Lance Stewart Car Audi R8 v10

Lance Stewart Car Audi R8 v10

Wiki Bio

Lance Stewart was born in on the 20th of June 1996 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. Lance is the son of Bruce and Nina Stewart. The YouTube entertainer was raised in Franksville, New Jersey with his elder sister Sabrina. Stewart is very close to his sister. Sabrina is the one who taught him how to make videos on Vine.

With that said, Lance Stewart attended Delsea Regional High School. He was enrolled there in 2010. However, the entertainer did not have an interest in classwork. He spent a lot of time learning from his sister how to make videos.

He created a vine account and started posting short, witty films just for fun. Within a short time, Lance started to get a lot of views from the videos he uploaded on Vine. He capitalized on this opportunity, and that is why he is a successful YouTuber today.

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There is no much information from the web about his early life. He is yet to reveal private details to the public.

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