Laura Dotson Husband, Married, Children, Net Worth, Age, Weight Loss, and Plastic Surgery.

Laura Dotson is a renowned American auctioneer, and she is a veteran of this trade – owing to the fact that, she has been in it for three decades. Together with her husband, they jointly run a family business dubbed American Auctioneers. It is a comprehensive auction company based in Riverside, California. Laura is distinguishably known and exemplified by auctioneering on A&E’s Storage Wars. Find out Laura Dotson’s married life, husband, and children. Also know about this auctioneer’s net worth, age, weight loss plan, and plastic surgery.

Laura Dotson Wiki bio

Laura Christine Payton is popularly known as Laura Dotson – after she assumed her husband’s surname upon marriage. She was born on May 13, 1968, in San Bernardino, California, USA, and brought up in Thousand Oaks. However, Laura Dotson wiki does not avail any information about her background, education, and family. She is of white ethnicity and American nationality. Her bio cannot be complete without saying that she resides in San Bernardino, California together with her family.

Laura Dotson married to husband, Dan Dotson, and Children

Laura is a dignified woman – more so because she is legally married to Dan Dotson. The duo met in 1996, and they fell in love: after that, they started a relationship. Laura dated Dan for many years before they eventually tied the knot on August 26, 2000. From then, they built a family, and together the Dotson couple runs their auctioneering business. She has covered up all the information about her previous relationships.

Image of Laura Dotson with her husband Dan Dotson

Laura Dotson with her husband, Dan Dotson

Moreover, she has also concealed all the information about her children, and they have remained from public scrutiny. The couple is very careful to ensure that they do not soil their marriage through marital infidelity. There are no rumors about anything fishy or shameful between them, and consequently, they have done their best to retain a clean record.

They are blessed with Laura Dotson children. You cannot talk about children because the couple has only one child. Nevertheless, the name of that child cannot be made up. According to the deep and great love that the duo shares, unless a demon shoots an arrow at their marriage, do not anticipate a divorce. They are faithful and committed to one another. She resides in Los Angeles, California.

Laura Dotson Net Worth, Age, TV career

Laura Dotson net worth is $3.5 million – which she has earned from her auctioneering business. She debuted her profession in 1988, and afterwards, she was inducted into the media due to her top-notch skills. Laura auctioneered on A&E reality TV series dubbed “Storage Wars.” She began when she did the show together with her husband in December 2010.

Image of Laura Dotson net worth is $3.5 million

Laura Dotson net worth is $3.5 million

Also, she also appeared in other TV shows like “The Price Is Right,” “Let’s Make A Deal,” and “Family Feud.” To top it all, Laura was also featured in “Hot in Cleveland,” “Early Edition,” and “Home & Family,” not to mention many others. In 2015, she and Dan inspired Thim Beers for some Storage Wars ideas. Apart from her TV career, Laura has also appeared in magazines and news articles, for instance, TMZ celebrity news website, The Washington Post, not to mention USA Today.

She has been very pivotal in backing up her husband’s business, and she has greatly made it a success. She is now 50 years old, and her husband realized a tremendous improvement when she chipped in his business. Dan Dotson is one of the most fortunate men who got the exact kind of wife that they ever desired to have in their lives.

Laura Dotson Weight Loss, Plastic Surgery

Laura is such an amazing stunner, and her beauty is natural. She has not tried to modify her beauty by putting on a fake image through plastic surgery. Just like how she has retained a clean record socially out of her humility and high moral values, she has retained her natural beauty. Therefore, Laura Dotson plastic surgery allegations are unsubstantiated and damnable. Laura is quite amazing, and she is neither thin nor fat. She has a captivating outlook that will mesmerize you when you steal a glance at her.

Laura Dotson weight loss cannot be highly noticed because she has maintained a healthy body. TV icons are usually cute, admirable, and outstanding so that they can grace the show. Laura is the exact representation of this description through her charm and fine features. Apart from the attributes that are Laura’s Trademark, it is hard to hear about the corrupt things that follow celebrities up and down.

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