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Martha Mae is a lover of the outdoor life. The reality television series portrays the real-life situations in Alaska. The show shows how people live in the wilderness. The people who participate in this particular show live in the interior part of Alaska. The kind of lifestyle they lead needs a lot of courage and resilience to endure. It is so different from the life in the city. Martha Mae has lived beyond what is expected of an ordinary woman.

She has proven too tough. That Martha has survived in the wilderness of Alaska depicts her as a person who can deal with the worst that life offers. Martha is a very simple woman. She does not appreciate the ever demanding lifestyle of the urban centers. Her comfort and happiness come from her ability to view life in its simplest form.

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Martha Mae Salitan Net Worth And Salary

Marth Mae and her husband manage their wealth together. It is therefore difficult to talk about Martha’s riches without mentioning her husband, Erik Salitan. To fully survive in the wilderness of Alaska, one cannot afford to be lazy even for a minute. The couple manages an exotic lodge in Alaska.

Moreover, they have trained tour guides who take visitors through the complex terrains of Alaska. Martha and Erika have also participated in the reality television show, ‘Life Below Zero.’ The two have a total estimated net worth of about $400,000 and Martha salary cannot be made up. It should be appreciated that Martha and her husband have managed to make so much money in an environment that is so unforgiving.

Image of Marth Mae Salitan and her husband Erik Salitan net worth is $400,000

Marth Mae Salitan and her husband Erik Salitan net worth is $400,000

Martha Mae Salitan Married, Husband, Erik Salitan. Any Children And Baby?

Martha has a husband named Erik. She met him when he had just moved to Alaska. The love journey started as mere friendship before finally thickening into something that ended up in marriage. In spite of the tough living conditions in Alaska, Martha and her husband have still managed to stick together. With Erik, Martha has a son named Lucas Salitan.

Image of Martha Mae Salitan with her husband Marth Mae Salitan and her husband Erik Salitan

Martha Mae Salitan with her husband, Erik Salitan

The couple values their son’s mental development. They have therefore already enrolled her in one of the schools around; Wood River Elementary. Martha and her husband love adventure. When Lucas is not at school, he goes fishing and hunting with his parents. With the support of her husband, Martha has found raising Lucas under such tight climatic conditions bearable. Lucas is not complaining either. Alaskan life is already part of him.

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Age, Birthday, Birthdate

From the available, there is not traceable information on the date of Martha’s birth. It is therefore difficult to tell her real age.

Wikipedia, Biography, Parents

Martha Mae Salitan was born in Alaska but go raised in Iliamna. During her childhood days, Martha Mae spent a lot of time with her parents. With such close contact, Martha Mae learned a lot with regards to sports fishing operation. That Martha Mae has grown up in Alaska means that she has loads of experience when it comes to coming up with nature. She has a good hand when it comes to cooking. In her exotic lodge, every guest has always left satisfied.

Furthermore, Martha is a very sociable character. She freely interacts with the guests and readily guides them through the wilderness of Alaska. Apart from the fact that she is married to her husband Erik and has a son called Lucas, not so much is known about Martha’s family background.

Where Is Martha Mae Salitan Now?

The mysterious disappearance of Martha and her husband from the ‘Life Below Zero’ show left so many questions unanswered. For now,  Martha pays most of her attention towards raising her son and sustaining her family. She could probably be managing the family lodge and moving the visitors around Alaska. Martha does not frequently update people on her life on the social media.

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