Max Landis Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Gay, Father, Parents

Max Landis is a known screenwriter and filmmaker. He has written many films including Chronicles of American Ultra, Victor Frankenstein and Bright. In this article, we shall be talking more about his parents, girlfriend, gay perceptions and his net worth.

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Who is Max Landis?

Born on August 3, 1985, at Beverly Hills, California, United States, Max Landis is 33 years old. He is born of parents John Landis, his father, a director and costume designer and Deborah Nadoolman Landis, a historian. Max Landis family is Jewish.

Max attended Beverly Hills school and later left for Connecticut, a therapeutic boarding school. He then went back to Beverly Hills High school and graduated with a diploma. Max Landis began writing scripts at 16 years of age and began selling at 18.

Image of Max Landis from movie, American Ultra

Max Landis from the movie, American Ultra

He later attended the University of Miami and continued with his writing for the school’s film programs. In 2011 and 2012, Max Landis was among the top 30 under 30 in the entertainment industry. Since then, Max has been a known scriptwriter, having written over 75 screenplays.

Max Landis Net Worth. How much is Max Landis’ worth?

Max Landis net worth is $6 million. He is known to accumulate this wealth from his scriptwriting; he is also a producer and a director. However, the cumulated wealth, including his car and investments are still under review.

Image of American screenwriter, Max Landis net worth is $6 million

American screenwriter, Max Landis net worth is $6 million

Is Max Landis Dating to Girlfriend or Single? Gay Rumors

Max Landis is dating no girlfriend, which means he is now single. People have accused him of assaulting women who have been in sexual relations with him. Eight of her former girlfriends have shared their stories about Max Landis sexual misconducts towards them, including Ani Baker.

Image of Max Landis is currently single

Max Landis is currently single

In December 2017, an account on the sexual misconduct of Max Landis was all over Twitter alleging him of assaulting women. What’s more, the Daily Beast also featured him on the same story. However, there are no reports yet to confirm if he is gay or not since the information is still under review. None of the ladies is ready to face the media to put this accusation in the open with some saying that they are not prepared to talk about their pain.

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Max Landis had no otherwise but to stay away from social media for quite some time; he is said to quit Twitter and keep a low profile on social media. His work on American Werewolf in London project also came to a stand because of these allegations.

Max Landis Parents: Father and Mother

Max Landis father, John Landis is a legend in the comedic and film world. He is a scriptwriter, film director, comedian, actor, and producer. John has been known to work in the early 1970s and 1980s as a director of National Lampoon’s Animal House, The Blues Brothers and an American Werewolf in London.

Image of Max Landis with his father John Landis

Max Landis with his father, John Landis

He has directed the famous Michael Jackson music videos. John also wrote about The Blue Brothers and the movies, most of which he had directed. Max Landis mother’s name is Deborah Nadoolsman, is a costume designer. She has managed to create classic designs such as National Lampoon’s Animal House, The Blue Brothers, and Raiders of the Lost Ark according to her IMDB page.

She got nominated for an Academy Award for her costume design work in Coming to America. John and Deborah are both behind the famous ‘Thriller’ a music video that made Michael Jackson’s career to boost up, and he became a great success because of that. Max Landis family is full of creativity, which is shown in the choice of career as a family.

Personal life

Max Landis is the son of John Landis and Deborah Landis. He is a scriptwriter who has written for major films such as Chronicle, American Ultra, Victor Frankenstein and Bright. Apart from his excellent skills in writing, he seems not to have good relationships with ladies. According to sources, Max has Dysgraphia and Cyclothymia, information that was not well-received by his fans. Currently, he is accused of sexual assault to ladies, and eight women have complained about his sexual misconduct.

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Max Landis Age, Birth Name, Bio, Wiki

Birth Name Max Landis
Age 33 years old
Place of Birth Beverly Hills, California, US
Profession Screenwriter, filmmaker
Horoscope sign Leo
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Net worth $6 million
Alma mater Beverly Hills High school, University of Miami
Hair color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Relationship Status Single
Death-O-meter Alive


Max Landis is well known as a scriptwriter, filmmaker, and director. Max is married to no wife currently. Also, there has been no information about him having any children. Max Landis net worth is $6 million.

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