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Meet all of Justin Chambers Children. His Married Life and Net Worth

Image of Meet all of Justin Chambers Children. His Married Life and Net Worth

Today’s contemporary family composes a husband, wife, and two to three children. However, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actor Justin Chambers would know nothing about it. After all, he is a father of 5 children. Meet all of his children right here today and also get inside scoops on his married life.

Also, check her net worth, wiki, and bio while you are there too. But first and foremost, his married life, son and daughters below;

Justin Chambers Married to a Beautiful Wife

Justin Chambers is married to a lovely wife by the name of Keisha Chambers. They have been married for over 26 years now after tying the knot in 1993. Justin Chambers may be a good-looking guy, but that does not mean that Keisha looks are not. In fact, she used to work at a modeling agency.

Justin Chambers also used to be a successful model before his acting career picked off, and that is how he would meet his future wife. Chambers was featured in ad campaigns for Calvin Klein and would meet Keisha through work. Further details of their dating and married life are not present in the internet’s canvas, but most good relationships don’t.

Image of Justin Chambers with his wife Keisha Chambers
Justin Chambers with his wife, Keisha Chambers

But we are sure that their married life in a happy and prosperous one. It certainly is a productive one as they have five beautiful children as the byproducts of their marriage. They have four daughters; Isabella, Maya, Kaila, Eva, and son Jackson.

Justin Chambers Children

There is not much we know about Justin Chambers’ children because he likes to keep them away from prying eyes of the media. We do know about each of their birthdates, though.

Their first daughter, Isabella, was born in December 1994. Then they had fraternal twin daughters Maya and Kaila in June 1997. They had their fourth daughter, Eva, born in March 1999, and their youngest was a son named Jackson born in 2002.

Here is a table for a better understanding of all of Justin Chambers’ children with their birthdate and age.

Children Birthdate Age
Isabella Chambers December 1994 26 years old
Maya and Kaila Chambers June 1997 22 years old
Eva Chambers March 1999 20 years old
Jackson Chambers January 2002 17 years old

Even if Justin Chambers is secretive about his children, he is also a doting father who can’t help but celebrate his children. Thanks to this, we do know a little about each of the Chambers Kids.

Oldest Daughter Isabella Chambers

Isabella Chambers is the oldest of the siblings. She will be turning 26 years old in 2020, which means she is already of the college-going age. ‘Hitberry’ even reports that she has already enrolled in college, but the details to where is still not available. Isabella has a relatively low public appearance with her parents as well; maybe as their firstborn, they were overprotective of her. So, there is also not much information on Isabella.

Image of  Justin Chambers with the eldest daughter Isabella
Justin Chambers with the eldest daughter Isabella

Twin Daughters Maya and Kaila

Justin Chambers and his wife then welcomed twin daughters, Maya and Kaila Chambers. Fun fact: their father, Justin Chambers, also has a fraternal twin brother named Jason. However, other than that, there is no information about them.

Image of Justin Chambers with twin daughters Maya and Kaila
Justin Chambers with twin daughters Maya and Kaila

Rockstar Daughter Eva

Finally, we come to Justin’s youngest daughter, Eva. Eva fits the perfect title of the youngest daughter, as she has a bit of a rebellious nature. No, we do not mean she is a problem child; she is a rockstar.

Eva is a musician, and she can play a keyboard, but the bass guitar is her chosen weapon to cause some musical mayhem. She is part of a 3-woman rock group called Pinky Pinky. She had formed the group with her bandmates in high school. A website called ‘i-G’ had written a piece on them and said their music was “hard-pounding sound” with “DIY attitude.”

Image of Justin Chambers on Instagram: “My daughter’s band
Justin Chambers on Instagram: “My daughter’s band

After producing two successful EP’s, ‘Pinky Pinky’ and ‘Hot Tears,’ they released their album ‘Turkey Dinner’ in June 2019. Justin Chambers gave a shout-out to his daughter and bandmates on his Instagram for her album.

Only Son Jackson

Justin and Keisha only have one son together named Jackson. Despite being the only son, Jackson has relatively the least bit of information. May 17 years of age perhaps he is a little too young. All that is known about his is he somehow resembles his father, Justin Chambers.

Justin Chambers is not very active on social media, but he has posted a pic of his son Jackson basking in the sun as he floats in a pool. And people were quick to point out how he resembled Justin.

“He’s a little chief Karev,” a follower wrote as a reference to Justin’s character in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ “or a baby evil spawn?” she continued for the teen’s smug pose.

Image of Justin Chambers son Jackson basking in the sun as he floats in a pool
Justin Chambers son Jackson basking in the sun as he floats in a pool

You have learned a lot about his married life and children. Now have a look at his net worth and bio as well.

Justin Chambers’ Net Worth

Chambers is most famous for his role as Dr. Alex Karev in ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Most of you will be surprised to know that Alex Karev was not even initially a character in the series. Maybe Chambers was able to charm his way into the show as he was able to remain in it for 15 years. Dr. Karev was not even a main character in the beginning, but somehow, along the way became loved enough to change that too.

His career from that part alone must have made him millions, but he has also worked in many other films and series. He has appeared in movies like ‘The Wedding Planner,’ ‘The Zodiac,’ and ‘Broken City.’ So keeping that in mind, his net worth is around $18 million with an estimated salary of $9 million a year.

Justin Chambers’ Bio

Justin Chambers was born on 11th July 1970 in Springfield, Ohio. The 49-year-old was born to parents John William Eugene Chambers II and Pamela Sue, who were both in law enforcement as deputy sheriffs. He and his fraternal twin brother Jason were the youngest among their three other siblings; John Mia and Susan. So, maybe for Justin, it was normal to have many children.

He and Jason, as children, were hospitalized multiple times because of pneumonia. He graduated high school from Southeastern High School and moved to New York to study at the HB and Ron Stetson studios for four years. After he was diagnosed with a sleep disorder in early 2008, Justin has adhered to a healthy lifestyle, which includes practicing hot yoga.


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