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Mick Dodge
Mick Dodge is a TV personality and a former marine. He starred in the National Geography reality TV series “The Legend of Mick Dodge” from 2014 to 2015. In its three seasons, the show captured his day to day off the grid adventure in Hoh Rain Forest and can be seen dwelling in the forest with barefoot among trees, caves, animals with no easy access to food. He is also the part of fitness group called “Earthgym” which he created along with Jacquie Chandler in 1994. Though Mick survives in challenging surrounding he calls himself a “Thrivalist”.

After suffering from plantar fasciitis, back pain, and hammer toes, Mick took a vow to live barefoot in 1991, which he believes helped cure. His continuous lifestyle without wearing shoes earned him nicknames like “The Barefoot Sensei” and “The Barefoot Nomad”. However, there are suspicions among the viewers if his lifestyle is real? Does he wear shoes? Check out details below in this wiki like a biography of Mick Dodge.

Early Life & Education; How old is Mick Dodge now?

Mick Dodge was born on 29th August 1951 in Hoh of Olympic Peninsula, Washington USA. He is 65 years of age now. His grandparents moved to Forks in the mid-1920s and settled there. Mick grew up traveling places in the United States and of the world due to his father, Ron Dodge profession as a career Marine. He split his childhood between Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where his grandfather lived, and in US marine base around the world including Japan with his father. During his years in Okinawa, Japan he graduated from Kubasaki High School also trained there in martial arts. However, Mick Dodge didn’t attend college education.

Career and Net worth

Mick lives a lifestyle of a forest dweller which is completely different from regular jobs he had in past. After high school, he served in the military for almost six years. Then, Mick worked 9 to 5 job as a mechanic in Fort Lewis. During the time he had to cover the five-mile distance walking from his home to work. For some period he set camp to avoid long distance journey. In 1981 Dodge set out to take a run from his home north of Olympia to Seattle that’s when he plunged into a network of mountain people. He was appealed by living close to nature but didn’t leave the modern world until 1991. Mick says since he started to walk barefoot on the soil cured him form hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, deformed feet and back pain he had.

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Mick Dodge
Caption: Mick Dodge served almost six years in US marine service

Dodge had built the reputation before he was discovered by National Discovery channel. As a part of Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle, he gave training on a “Flintstones”-styled gym he had scattered in the mountains and on beaches throughout the Northwest. He was approached by National Geography after they found videos from a group of young women who had trained with him on Whidbey Island. From the show ” The Legend of Mick Dodge,” he got paid by National Geography Channel. However, his salary was transferred to Olympic Mountain Earth Wisdom Circle as Mick doesn’t have a bank account, debit card or checkbook. He has an estimated net worth around $150K.

Earthgym Program

Mick started living a life of Nomad in 1991 however he had links in the community. Mick and Jacquie Chandler created Earthgym in 1994. According to Earthgym official website, “Earthgym practice embodies the philosophy that we train *with* the Earth until we become as the Earth. Earthgym practices restore our native way of being and help people remember and restore a healthy, playful connection with the land, themselves and each other.” Mick runs fitness program based on perspective and approach he developed during his experience with human and nature. Dodge teaches his student using cargo nets, straps, ropes, stones, limbs, burls and other found and created gear.

Mick Dodge Lifestyle

Mick Dodge has been a forest dweller most of his life. He lives a life leading to nature and spends time exploring and dwelling mountain and forest. Hoh river holds a special place for him which also served him as a teacher. Mick has talked about his life in the forest during an interview and refers it as an adventure. He said nature has taught him how to become a scavenger and allowed the hunger to guide him into discovering all kinds of food. Mick may not have trouble finding food, however, his lifestyle has risks associated with it. One winter he almost lost his toes to snow in highlands of Olympics. During 30 mile walk, he had no footwear so he cut his moosehide jacket to protect his feet. It is not feasible living without shoes and yes, Mick wears shoes and he had in one of the episodes of the “The Legend of Mick Dodge”. Mick occasionally leaves the forest and communicate and updates via social media and usually updates his Facebook page.

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Mick Dodge wiki-bio facts

Name: Mick Dodge

Birth Place: Hoh of Olympic Peninsula, Washington USA

Birth Date: 29th August 1951

Age: 66

Nationality: America

Education: High School (Graduate)

Profession: Tv Personality, Former Marine, Fitness teacher

Net Worth: $150K

Married: N/A

Wife: N/A

Children:  N/A

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