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Miley Cyrus’s half-brother Christopher Cody Cyrus Age, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Family, Siblings

There are some people who benefit simply because they are related to other famous people. Christopher Cody Cyrus is one of them. He is not a public figure or a celebrity but he is famous because of the fame of his siblings and parents. Specifically, he is a half-brother of the renowned actress and singer Miley Cyrus. Miley’s fame has trickled down to her half-brother and he benefits from it.

Christopher Cody Cyrus Siblings and Family

Christopher Cody Cyrus was born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on April 8, 1992. His father is Billy Ray Cyrus and his mother is Kristin Luckey. At the time of his birth, his mother was working as a waitress but she was not married to Billy Ray. Cody was born from a relationship and his parents later broke up after his birth. His father was a singer, actor, and a songwriter when Cody was born. Billy had divorced his first wife and was planning to marry Miley Cyrus’ mother. Cody was raised by his mother away from his family and siblings.

He is quite unique, unlike his other family members. The Cyrus family is dominated by actresses, actors, and singers but he chose a different path. He did not choose to follow the highly coveted celebrity path in the entertainment industry.

Image of Christopher Cody Cyrus family

Beautiful family picture of Christopher Cody Cyrus family and siblings

Apart from Miley Cyrus who is a renowned singer, Cody also has other celebrity siblings. Noah Cyrus is another of his half-sibling who is an actor. Others include Braison Cyrus who is an actor and Trace Cyrus who is a musician and lastly Brandi Cyrus who is an actress.

However, not all these celebrity siblings are biological children of Billy Ray. Brandi and Trace were adopted by Billy Ray but Noah, Miley, and Braison are his biological children. Billy Ray’s family has followed in his footsteps and they are one of the largest families in the entertainment industry. However, Cody lives a low profile life and he even once used to rely on his mother to give him a ride to school. Unlike his half-sister Miley who own hundreds of millions of dollars, Cody once worked in an electric store earning an hourly rate of $7.5. His father is also very wealthy but his life is the exact opposite of theirs.

Even with that great rift between him, his father and his celebrity sister, Cody harbors no bitterness in his heart against them. He speaks well of them unlike what many people would expect. He does not blame or condemn his family for the lowly life that he lives.

Christopher Cody Cyrus Net Worth, Age, and Wiki Bio

His net worth is not known but there is a time when he almost used to own nothing. You would expect that he is a successful man owing to the fact that he comes from a celebrity family. However, that is not the case though his father and other celebrity siblings have money.

Christopher Cody Cyrus is 26 years old of age as of 2018 and he does not post much about himself on social media. He is an American and he went to Myrtle Beach Intermediate School and later proceeded to Forrest brook Middle High School. He keeps a lot to himself and there are no rumors that are spread about him.

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