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Mishael Morgan Husband, Navid Ali, Married, Children, Net Worth and Age

Image of Is Mishael Morgan (Hilary Curtis) leaving The Young and the Restless? Know about her husband, children and net worth

Mishael Morgan is a renowned celebrity, and her fame shot acutely when she appeared as Hilary Curtis on CBS TV. The aforementioned station aired a show dubbed The Young and The Restless. Furthermore, she also appeared in a series dubbed Tracy Dupont Roymont and Maya. The latter series was aired in Canadian shows called Family Biz and Backpackers. After graduating from the university, she debuted her acting career in an episode of a TV series known as MVP back in 2012. In the said CBC series, Mishael played the role of Chandra O’Neill in the Republic of Doyle.

Mishael Morgan Wiki bio

Her birth name is Marie-Charms Mishael Morgan. She was born on 15th July 1986 in San Fernando, Trinidad, and Tobago. Mishael was born to Michael Morgan and his wife, Sharon Lee Morgan. Her siblings are her elder sister Maggris and her kid sister Monique. Her family relocated to New York when she was five years old, and her father got a job there. However, due to diverse reasons, they later relocated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They settled in Mississauga, and she enrolled in York University in Toronto. After graduating, she debuted her acting career.

Is Mishael Morgan leaving The Young and the Restless?

Everything that has a beginning must have an end. Commensurate to that adage, Mishael Morgan’s role as Hilary Curtis in The Young and the Restless is also coming to an end. She has done her final scenes and taken a photo at the CBS Studio as memorabilia. Morgan shared that photo and captioned it, “and that’s a wrap.” She continued to say that five years ago, she shared a picture of CBS that marked the commencement of her engagement there. Mishael finalized by saying that she shared that picture to mark her departure from CBS Studios.

Consequently, she was taken out for a party by the rest of her cast crew to enjoy themselves. Some of her fellow cast who went to the party include Michael, Jack, Devon, Cane, Esther, and Sharon. They celebrated together because that was their last day as a show cast. She is yet to appear elsewhere in another series and enjoy seeing her talent.

Mishael Morgan married with her Husband, Navid Ali, and Children

Mishael Morgan married Navid Ali in May 2012. They begot Niam they’re first born on 9th August 2015. Afterward, she was fortunate to get a baby shower on the 19th July 2015 together with Christel Khalil. She announced in July 2018 that she is expecting another baby: a girl, who will be one of Mishael Morgan children. Before the duo got married, they dated for a long time, but there is no news about her former dating life. Mishael does not have a record of previous relationships or dating.

Image of Misheal Morgan with her husband Navid Ali
Mishael Morgan with her husband, Navid Ali

They live in New York, and she is careful to keep a lot to herself, and the public only gets to know what she has revealed. She has amassed some good cash in her acting career which is estimated at around $3 million. Morgan is in profound love with her husband, and she does not seem to be willing to divorce him. Mishael is straight in sexuality, and she has never been caught in any scandal. Mishael Morgan husband and his family live a happy life, and they are progressing quite well. Her secret is keeping gatecrashers at bay so that they will not meddle and intrude into her marriage. She is a beautiful lady and a celebrity wife who has succeeded at an early age.

Mishael Morgan Net Worth, Age

Since when she debuted her career, she has widely appeared in many TV series. Her acting career has been progressive, and she has been from moving from one level to another. Some of the series that she has cast include The Best Years, Family Biz, and YTV sitcom. She cast CBC TV’s Republic Doyle in 2012 and Total Recall; others include The Listener and Supernatural. Mishael Morgan is best notable for her role in The Young and the Restless as Curtis Hilary on CBS TV.

Image of MIshael Morgan net worth is $3 million
Mishael Morgan net worth is $3 million

Hilary appeared in that show for five years and then she left after her demand for a pay rise proved futile. Mishael Morgan leaving the show was due to a monetary crisis. She keeps so much to herself, and too little is known about her. She has amassed some considerable wealth that not many actors have been able to get. Mishael Morgan net worth is $3 million, and it is still rising as her star continues shining. Mishael Morgan age is 32 years.

Hilary Curtis and Devon Hamilton On-screen romance

Devon Hamilton and Hilary Curtis are fictitious characters who cast the show as a super couple in The Young and The Restless. Devon casts as the biological grandson of Katherine Chancellor. There is a scuffle that ensues between him and Kristoff St. John and Victoria. Mishael Morgan plays a villainous role – wanting to revenge against Neil.

Furthermore, the Winters’ family participated in the death of Morgan’s mother, and that is why she seeks to revenge against Neil. There is a dramatic irony between Mishael and Neil because the viewer knows that there is a scuffle between them that Neil does not know. It is thrilling, and it sends some chills down the viewer’s spine: when they see that Morgan is getting married to her foe. She goes to that extent to revenge against Neil. However, it ends up dramatically. This role reached its climax in the summer of summer.

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