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Is Moe Prigoff Dead? Know about his Wife, Net Worth, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Is Moe Prigoff Dead. Know about his wife, Net worth, Wiki-Bio.

Are you a lover of antiques? For today’s generation, it might not be a lot of people’s first choice for what to get for your new home.  Somewhere around the world, there are antique lovers and collectors. When it comes to antiques, it is not really about the money. They have value because of their historical significance and considerable age.

Do you also hear the word podiatrist often? A podiatrist is a foot and ankle surgeon.  In this article, we are going to discuss the astonishing antique collector, tv personality and podiatrist, Moe Prigoff. His work is just amazing. He is quite famous, loved by many for he is quite charming, and poise.

Today let us take time to learn about Moe Prigoff’s net worth. Also, find out about his wife and married life through his bio and most importantly address his death rumours.

Wiki, Bio

Morris Prigoff was born in 1942 in New York City which would make him 77 years old presently in this year. Scarce details are surrounding the man, and as such, his date of birth is not precisely mentioned. We also did not acquire any information surrounding his early childhood for that matter.

So, we were unable to discover info on his parents and his siblings if he even has any in the first place. All we could make are deductions, and considering how successful the man rose to become in the world of business, we can assume that he must have been a very hard working child.

Who is Moe Prigoff? His Career Info

Moe graduated from the University of Syracuse. After his studies, he left for Cleveland to practice medicine. Since then, the ‘Storage Wars: Texas’ star has been practising for over 40 years. How much more experienced could he be. Moe Prigoff gets celebrity patients such as Hockey players and basketball players. However, his practice is quite limited to just within the community. He works at the North Dallas Podiatry and the Oak Cliff Podiatry Centre.

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Moe Prigoff is known more for being a cast member on the reality show ‘Storage War Texas’ it was first aired in December 2011. He seems to be quite a busy man for he also runs other businesses. Moe was once a lecturer as well as an author. He is a published many podiatric papers and studies.

Image of Moe Prigoff from TV reality show Storage War Texas

Moe Prigoff from the TV reality show Storage War Texas

Moe has been collecting antiques for over 30 years. He surely has a skill of spotting the big price.  The owns an antique shop called ‘River Regency Modern’ located on Riverfront Blvd in Dallas. He sells classic arts and art.

Is Moe Prigoff Dead or Alive? Death Rumors

Right off the bat, we would like to put an end to this rumour. The man is very much alive, contrary to these false, immoral rumours. They stemmed after he left reality television, and people started wondering where he had disappeared to. Others began spreading rumours that he was dead. Stories are like wildfire; once they start spreading, there is simply no stopping them. Unfortunately, this is something the man had to contend with.

Image of Moe Prigoff still alive fit and healthy

Moe Prigoff still alive fit and healthy

The simple truth is that after he stopped being on the show, ‘Storage war Texas’, he started focusing more on his doctor’s career and being an author. Moe is alive and well, contrary to news that made rounds everywhere.

Moe Prigoff Net Worth and Salary

Storage Wars actor, Moe Prigoff is a man with years and years on experience. He is over 75 years. We are not sure if he has retired or not. If so, he made a lot to support his family for a very long time. He had many careers. Being a foot surgeon for more than 40 years must have made him millions and millions. Apart from that, he has been selling antiques for over 30 years, which also made him some large amounts of money.

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He had also been in a tv reality show, Storage War Texas. Reality stars, as we have discussed a few times before, tend to make a decent amount of money in terms of wages. They can reportedly earn somewhere around $ 10,000 to $20,000 salary for each episode they appear in.

The star has been on television for quite a long time, and so it is within the realms of possibility that it has garnered him significant net worth. The man also supplemented his income with a few different ventures. He was an author who published several podiatric papers and studies, and it earned him quite a bit of money in the process

The star’s earnings when selling assets was $ 19,890 in November 2018 and $ 14,200 in December 2011.

Image of TV actor, Moe Prigoff net worth is $4 million

TV actor, Moe Prigoff net worth is $4 million

Moe Prigoff’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 4 Million.

Is Moe Prigoff Married? Who is His Wife?

Moe Prigoff had been married twice. He was first married to Nancy M Larson on December 30th, 1988. They separated on August 1999. Later on, in 2002, Moe Prigoff got married to his second wife, Michaela Y Sanchez. They had a 17-year gap according to their age. Michela Sanchez Prigoff graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington. She runs a business in Texas called ‘Beyond Beauty Esthetics.’

Michela Prigoff is a licensed massage therapist and an aesthetician.

We do not have much information about his personal life like his children or parents.

Moe Prigoff Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio

Full name Moe Prigoff
Age 77 years old
Date of Birth 1942
Place of Birth New York City, USA
Profession Reality television star
Net worth $ 4 million
Wife Michaela Y Sanchez
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Unknown


Meet Morris Prigoff’s married to a young wife. Take a look at the rumours surrounding his death, Know more about his career and net worth.

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