Mountain Monsters Cast Net Worth and Salary: How Much is Mountain Monsters Cast Members Worth?

“Mountain Monsters” a show that features an adventure on finding mysterious and unseen creatures. Get your children out of the TV box or make them glued to it; it’s an underlying situation for both parents and adults as well.

Well, who doesn’t want to know about these childhood mythical creatures where everyone used to share their stories related to them. Precisely this is the show that unveils the secrets which drool on the Appalachian mountains in search of the quest.

A team of six skilled troops set their voyage as the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS). They seek to prove that strange and mysterious creatures like Bigfoot, Hellhound, Lizardman, Wampus Beast, Werewolf, and the moth man exist.

That’s an intense show if you have to be frank about, it naturally creates a curiosity among the viewers. But the real question is, have they found any conclusions and proper evidence to their findings? Are they still dwelling on in search of these monsters?

Let’s find out their story and discuss who are these real men behind the AIMS and their net worth. Let’s also talk about their intriguing bio as they are brave men who journey thousands of miles to give justice upon our curiosities.

Mountain Monsters Net Worth

“Mountain Monster” is now a popular reality series on Destination America which was first premiered on the date of June 22, 2013, and is currently on its sixth season. The series navigates with the (AIMS) team as they explore the hidden valleys of Appalachian Mountains.

Typically, the team comprises of great trap talents and muscle men with expertise on jungle hunting. They know survival tactics and can adapt well in extreme environments of the cold Mountains.

These six brave men are namely; John Tice, William Neff, Jacob Lowe, Willy Mcquilian, Jeff Headlee, and Joseph Lott. The group features their appearances on the show exploring the dense forest and wilderness what the narration wants them to carry on.

You might have learned insight into the show. However, you would have that urge to know about the Mountain Monsters casts net worth and salary with some enticing exclusive facts.

Proceeding a hint on the knowledge we possess, Mountain Monster cast crew has a total net worth estimation of about more than $2.5 million. Now whats with their salary and bio updates we will have your questions adjourn with our below subheadings. So stick with us!

John Tice Net Worth

John Tice came to this world on the date of 1947 in West Virginia, which makes him 71 years old at present. He was raised in the suburbs of Creek in Pleasants County.

He has always been fascinated with the unknown and searched for strange animals which made him pro in hunting. When he retired from the military in early 2000, he wanted to fill his passion with some new adventures in life.

Image of Mountain monsters cast John Tice net worth is $700,000

Mountain monsters cast John Tice net worth is $700,000

He was a hunter, tracker and the leader of Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS). After the producers of Destiny, America caught the glimpse idea of AIMS; they began to formulate and plan for the show, which was initially designed to develop their findings to the fantastic viewers.

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Now, he is best known as Trapper features in the American reality show Mountain Monsters.

As of 2019, Mountain Monster cast Trapper Tice’s estimated net worth is around $700,000. He gains a payroll of over $20,000 from each episode of the show.

William Neff Net Worth

William Neff is currently 81 year of age and presently resides in Nicholas County. He was born on the date of September 15, 1989, in Texarkana, Texas, the U.S.

He commenced his career as U.S. Marine Corps and quit his job after being selected as a cast member of Mountain Monsters.

William Neff is attributed to as Wild Bill where he represents his role as an expert tracker for scavenger huntings. His appearance is appreciated as he has comedic entertainment and exhibits hefty lifting.

Image of Mountain monsters cast William Neff net worth is $500,000

Mountain monsters cast William Neff net worth is $500,000

Also, he has not been flexible towards mentioning about his family and love life details on any new media portals.

As of 2019, Wild Bill has accumulated a total net worth about $500,000. According to some reliable sources, it has been allegedly reported that William obtains a salary of approximately $17k per episode.

William’s whole net worth is buildup from his longterm occupation as the former U.S. Marine Corps. Moreover, he has also been in the show “Mountain Monsters” for a quite long time.

Jacob Lowe Net Worth

Jacob Lowe is a passionate man who has an undying desire to expose mysterious creatures. He has earned a decent amount of wealth from his successful acting career, and he has also been featured in the movie called “A Murder in the park” in the year 2004.

Giving an insight into the incredible hunter, Jacob is a married man. He exchanged his wedding vows with his lovely wife, Christine Stein on the ideal date of May 12, 2018, in Omaha, USA. The couple has no children at the moment but perhaps are planning for a new coming baby. We will shortly update you about Jacob’s child in coming days,

Image of Mountain monsters cast Jacob Lowe net worth is $600,000

Mountain monsters cast Jacob Lowe net worth is $600,000

Jacob has a confidential nature and suppresses his personal life well away from the public. Thus we are not acquaintance about his born date and other facts.

As of 2019, Jacob Lowe has accumulated a hefty amount of net worth estimated around $600,000. However, Jacob has yet to disclose his present salary and earnings per anum, which solely depends upon his recent endeavors and projects.

Willy McQuillian Net Worth

Willy McQuillian is a genius man and skilled expertise when it comes to hunting, trapping, and carpentry skills. He has a decades-long of experience in surviving into the wild.

He is additionally the co-founder of the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS). A fantastic personality who is expert trap inventor and builder who has specialized tactics on building unique traps for the team to promote hunting for the wild mythical creatures.

Image of Mountain monsters cast Willy McQuillian net worth is $600,000

Mountain monsters cast Willy McQuillian net worth is $600,000

On the surplus, we don’t have any knowledge about this wild expert as Will is quite secretive. He doesn’t like to display his personal life and stays away from the limelight.

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Moving on to his married life, kids, and bio, there are no essential records as well. Well, it could be because of his newly stardom which is taking time to know more about this skilled man.

As of 2019, Willy McQuillian has a net worth of about $600,000. He has not revealed his income payrolls and salary earnings.

Jeff Headlee Net Worth

Jeff Headlee is relatively the one who carries out the conclusions and findings by interviewing the team. He is reffered as a technological expert who additionally operates the thermal camera for the hunters amid the night hunts.

Initially, Jeff is the co-founder of AIMS and team researcher. He gathers the team and calls typically upon for questions and queries related to their daily activities and search.

Image of Mountain monsters cast Jeff Headlee net worth is $700,000

Mountain monsters cast Jeff Headlee net worth is $700,000

Talking about his net worth, Jeff Headlee has a networth estimated around $700,000 but has not disclosed his salary earnings details.

His additional income is generated by being the owner and operator of H&S trading post. Moreover, he is the proprietor of the vintage recycler and also maintains an antique booth inherited by his ancestors.

Furthermore, due to his secretive personality, there is no info concerning his family and personal life out in public.

Joseph Lott Net Worth

Joseph Lott, who is also known as Huckleberry Joe Lott, was born in West Virginia. Except for his birthplace, he has not shared any information in public; also, he is not available on any social media platforms.

He has maintained his secrecy about his personal and married love life and children away from the limelight. He has been living in the woods for the past 50 years and brings abundant knowledge into the team.

Image of Mountain monsters cast Joseph Lott net worth is $500,000

Mountain monsters cast Joseph Lott net worth is $500,000

However, Joe Lott is the most appreciated leader among the cast of “Mountain Monsters” since it’s first premiered in the year 2013. He is also referred to as the head security of the team AIMS who holds a great deal of experience in providing the team with ample reliability.

As of 2019, Joe Lott has an estimated net worth of about $500,000 where he gains $16,000 per episode via his contribution on the show.

Mountain Monsters Net Worth in a Table.

Cast Members: Cast Net Worth
John Tice $700,000
William Neff $500,000
Jacob Lowe $600,000
Willy Mcquilian $600,000
Jeff Headlee $700,000
Joseph Lott $500,000
Total: $3,600,000

When is Mountain Monsters New Season Coming?

“Mountain Monsters” is currently running on its sixth season with some intriguing episodes in following days. Viewers may have recently watched the Season 6 episode 2 titled “The Waya Woman of Jackson County.”

Also, there are two revealed episodes which are pending to launch on September 4 and 11 called “The Secret of the Blue House” and “The Silver Giant of Boone County” respectively.

The new season six series is just airing on its initial phase, and there has been no news about the seventh season. Let’s see what the producers have in mind about heir new season till now let’s enjoy all the new episodes of the newest season.

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